Chadwick Court – A Special Place

Game Ball Presentation

Game Ball Presentation

This game ball presentation took place last Saturday before the Oberlin-Wabash basketball game.  This young man and young lady did the honors.  Most of the fans were on their feet.

Special Olympics-9900

It was a special moment at mid-court.

As I reviewed the photos afterwards (the usual “should have done this…shouldn’t have done that”), I was struck by the two Oberlin players in the background.  They never stopped clapping…never.

At halftime, two local Special Olympics teams played a game.  Our Sphinx Club led the cheers and the fans were into the game.

I often refer to Wabash as “this good place”, a line I took from a Bill Cook Chapel Talk, as I recall.  On this Saturday afternoon, I amended it to “this good and special place.”

Doc Keith Baird ’56

Dr. Keith Baird '56

Dr. Keith Baird ’56

This is another “Grunge Archive” photo.  Doc Baird has that flight surgeon look, for sure.

As Carol and the Grunge traveled to football games this past fall, with great friends Sherry and Gary Ross, the four of us often reflected back to past road game trips.  Almost always, the reflections included Doc Baird.  The pizza place in Wooster…the road trip to Oberlin in bad weather…the “have you seen Doc Baird?” at Wittenberg…to the “how did he ever get that motorized wheelchair in that Porsche?”…

Doc loved attending those games and I think he enjoyed the time on the road – just Doc and a Porsche (he had a choice!).  He enjoyed company for sure…just sometimes a Porsche was all the company he needed.

Often, I walk the alley the back way to the Allen Center and almost expect the red Porsche to come around the corner with Doc at the wheel wearing that “I ate the canary and loved it” smile.

Doc Baird was SOMEBODY in our Country’s space program but he never stopped being a Little Giant through and through – he never outgrew his Wabash jeans.  “This good place” was truly home.  “Goooooo…Wabash!”

This one goes home with me too.

You Gotta’ Love This…as long as you’re not taking the class!


Wednesday evening, after a great win over DePauw at Chadwick Court, I was putting the cameras away in the Athletics Office.  I looked over to see this textbook sitting at the desk normally occupied by one of our student workers.

I immediately flashed back to my freshman year, first semester when I stood looking at the Bio 101 book in the college Bookstore and thinking that the authors’ names looked very familiar.  Willis Johnson was the first name…  When the authors of the book are your teachers…well, it adds a little challenge.

But back to the Biochemistry book…

This book is attached to a Wabash man…this is NOT the easy road to a degree.  Those paths include Golf Appreciation, Modern dance, advanced weightlifting…you get my drift.

The Wabash man attached to this book is a serious student…Biochem is not for the faint of heart.

I have to admit a small smile crept over my face.  This is not unusual at “this good place.”

Daniel – The Age of Discovery by Peter Pactor ’65

Peter-pactorPeter Pactor ’65 has authored a new book and it is available on Amazon.  I jumped right on and bought the Kindle version (for my iPad, of course!)

Peter is also preparing to retire at the end of the school year after a great career as a high school teacher, mentor, and administrator.  Peter found early that he loved the classroom and impacting young lives – I could tell he’ll miss it.  I could also sense he’s excited about whatever life brings him next.

In many ways, Daniel is at the Age of Discovery and Peter Pactor…an the Grunge for that matter…are discovering at age.

David Morgan, Director of Campus Services

David Morgan

David Morgan

That’s David Morgan, our director of Campus Services, playing the tuba for the Pep Band.  David is the guys who keeps Wabash running…and running well.

For David, Wabash isn’t just a job.  He”gets” it here and he’s driven to make everything run as well as absolutely possible.  As you can imaging, his life is not his own.  There’s no such thing as “8 to 5” when you have a job like his.

Like Jeremy Hartnett, he’s not a one instrument guy – in fact, I swear he has a different instrument each time I see him.  (He’s a natural on the “drums” as well!)

The beauty of all of this is the band isn’t just for pep – they’re part of the brotherhood here.  They love the rest of Wabash and enjoy “doing their thing for Wabash.”

That’s how you like to see it drawn up!


Jeremy Hartnett ’96

Jeremy Hartnett '96

Jeremy Hartnett ’96

By day, Jeremy is an Associate Professor of Classics.  He’s a student favorite.  At Wabash athletic events, he becomes a member of our Pep Band.

That’s Jeremy arriving before the start of the Kenyon basketball game on Saturday evening.  Jeremy is a multi-talented musician for sure. You can see that he plays two different instruments.  The horn and…ahh…the red bucket percussion thing-a-ma-bob.

(That’s our Pep Band leader on the right, Jim Swift.  He also has “drums” and sticks.)

As you have heard me say before, the Pep Band punches well above their weight and brings something very special to the game.

Man, am I glad they’re back.


Band of Brothers


Chapel Sing

In little bite size chucks, I am getting my office in order for the transition.  After 15 years, there’s a lot of “stuff” to transition.  Part of that stuff is a collection of photos that goes back in time.  I want to take several with me before they go onto the digital darkroom “floor.”

This photo started out as simply a Phi Delt photo.  They are the only ones who still wear the pots.   It works for that because one can clearly see the top of the pot and thus determine it’s a Wabash pot…and that means a Phi Delt pledge in possession.

But then…I was struck by the sense of firmly grasping the pot…and fellow pledges.  This is “it”, the photo seems to say…and we’re in this thing together. We protect our fraternity and we protect each other.

That brotherhood is what helps 99% of us get through Wabash.  You count on that guy standing next to you when you’re in need…and he counts on you as well.

I think I’ll take this one with me…for old time’s sake.

Omar Just Might Be A Fighter Pilot

Omar Robinson with his new "toy"

Omar Robinson with his new “toy”

When I received the email for Omar Robinson ’60, the title simply said “Omar and Judi’s new toy.”  The toy, and the @#$%^ eating grin on Omar’s face, made me laugh out loud.  My second reaction was to forward it on to CincGrunge to get immediate approval for a new “car” loan.  Then reality set in – I have been a cowboy for too long and, as Jack Palance says, “Nobody gets to be a cowboy forever.”

Omar, as most know, is President of one of the most successful private breweries in Indianapolis, Sun King.  He and his son Clay ’97 (Owner/Brewer)  have enjoyed incredible success.  Omar, as you can see, hasn’t eased into retirement…at all.

So, what is it that put “that” grin on Omar’s face?  It’s called a Polaris Slingshot.  Here’s the web site.  Check it out…recommend some sort of drool protector.  One gem of information…this puppy is powered by a 2.4 liter engine!  Think of it as an afterburner on a Cessna 172!

Omar…you are Some Little Giant!