Band of Brothers


Chapel Sing

In little bite size chucks, I am getting my office in order for the transition.  After 15 years, there’s a lot of “stuff” to transition.  Part of that stuff is a collection of photos that goes back in time.  I want to take several with me before they go onto the digital darkroom “floor.”

This photo started out as simply a Phi Delt photo.  They are the only ones who still wear the pots.   It works for that because one can clearly see the top of the pot and thus determine it’s a Wabash pot…and that means a Phi Delt pledge in possession.

But then…I was struck by the sense of firmly grasping the pot…and fellow pledges.  This is “it”, the photo seems to say…and we’re in this thing together. We protect our fraternity and we protect each other.

That brotherhood is what helps 99% of us get through Wabash.  You count on that guy standing next to you when you’re in need…and he counts on you as well.

I think I’ll take this one with me…for old time’s sake.