Whitewater Road Trip – Updated 11/25


UWW vs. Wabash – 2007


So, you’re thinking Road Trip this weekend to see the Little Giants take on the University of Wisconsin-Whiterwater?

The latest news straight for our web site:

Here’s some information from the Grunge.

1.  Weather forecast (as of 11/24).  Party cloudy.  High Temp = 39.  Winds 10 to 20 MPH from the Southwest.  20% chance of snow showers. (Ed.  Heard that before!)  UPDATE:  forecast unchanged for Saturday.

2.  Good place to stay.  In 2007, we stayed at the Hampton Inn in Janesville, a short drive from Whitewater.  Several other fans were there.  Address and phone #: 2400 Fulton Street, Janesville, Wisconsin, 53546 – 608-754-4900

3.  Game information.  Game starts at 12:00 noon local (Central time).  That’s 1:00 PM Eastern.  Plan accordingly.

4.  Tickets.  Expect tickets to go on sale 2 hours before the game.  Expect to have a no reentry policy.

5.  Tailgating.  In 2007 we all tailgated in the same area so if you are tailgating , get there early.  Address for the stadium is 900 Schwager Drive, Whitewater.  If that doesn’t work, put this intersection in your Garmin: Schwager Dr. and Warhawks Dr.  UPDATE:  If your Garmin / Nav system won’t take that intersection (mine did not on “further review”) try to navigate to 701 W. Scchwager and follow it around to Perkins Stadium.

6.  Bring layers!


Can’t make the trip?

1.  Watch it on-line at:

2.  Wabash’s audio: UPDATE:  The Wabash radio broadcast of Saturday’s game will begin at 11:10 (CST) on 91.3 FM WNDY and streamed on the Internet at

3.  Listen on Whitewater’s audio:

Tech Support by Grunge


So, you just watched the Little Giants win convincingly over DePauw last Saturday.  AXS-TV did a great job, as they always do.  But now you might be a little spoiled and you’re asking yourself how you can watch the playoff game against Franklin on TV as well?

Two answers:

You Can’t – it isn’t being televised in the classic way.  That’s not the Wabash, answer of course.  Wabash Always Explores new things.

You Can – You can get the telecast on your laptop or tablet…how do you get it to that nice, new HD TV you just got for an early Christmas present?

Here’s some information that might be of assistance:

There are a bazillion options (fighter pilot for a lot) but the key here is not to wait until Saturday at 11:50 AM to begin exploring. (Don’t treat it as a paper back in your student days)

Send the Grunge an email and let me know what worked for you.



From Ben Whitehouse (11/20/14):

Responding to your blog post.

1) throwing to an Apple TV from any apple product (iphone, iPad, Mac) works for me.
I recommend downloading the livestream app for the iPhone instead of going through the web browser.

I’m told roku boxes also can get the livestream app for direct TV viewing.

Hope you are well.



Cal Black ’66 Into Beta Hall Of Fame

Cal Black '66 and Wabash AD Joe Haklin '73

Cal Black ’66 and Wabash AD Joe Haklin ’73

Cal Black ’66 – a legend at Wabash for his professional and personal involvement in the College – has been recognized as the first-ever inductee into the Hall of Fame for the local Chapter (Tau Chapter) of Beta Theta Pi.  Chapter Alumni Chair Nick Sommer noted Cal’s exceptional career in the FBI and his service to Wabash in several important leadership positions.  Nick also recognized Cal’s decades-long service to the Beta house.

Cal Black is a Hall of Famer and Some Little Giant! 

Tailgate at Witt

Scott Olmstead, Tom Bambrey '68, Joe Haklin '73, and Dave Knott '69

Scott Olmstead, Tom Bambrey ’68, Joe Haklin ’73, and Dave Knott ’69

We had a nice crowd at the Witt tailgate.  Not much parking as there was a conference Volleyball tournament ongoing.  The Olmsteads had carved out a small space and were nice enough to let the ranges borrow some of it.  Thanks friends!

During the day, we had some great folks stop by the tailgate.  One was Tom Bambrey ’68 – the former Dean of Students and Athletic Director.  Another was our current AD, Joe Haklin ’73.  Former quarterback Dave Knott ’69, father of Hall of Famer Jake Knott ’03, also made the trip.

Wabash had a great corn at the game, as you can see.

They butchered our hosts!

They out-cheered our hosts!