“Grunge”, “GaBunge” and now “Mr .96%”

Today Grunge will morph into GaBunge for a couple of weeks.  Headed to upstate New York then on to NYC for a couple of “tourist” days.

Picked up a new nickname this week as well.  Mr .96%.  Just like in the Air Force, you don’t get to pick those nicknames – they get assigned to you.  (Thank goodness that’s not my PSA!)

Of course, I’ll stick with Grunge and GaBunge…but “.96%” might just stick and it could well signal some change…but that’s a different story for a different time.

In the meantime, always check out Marilyn Smith’s excellent work on the Alumni Relations blog.  Her research of news about Wabash alumni is certainly first class and she easily outdoes me there.


500 Strong

500 Strong – Edited by Dr. James J. Barnes & Patience P. Barnes

Write this date down – September 27, 2013.  Wabash is planning a Civil War Symposium and one of the center pieces will be this book.  Edited by Jim and Patience Barnes with over 100 researchers who were Wabash students.

It should be a great event…

September 27, 2013.  Be There.

Road Trip DC – A Family Affair

Lisa, Chris ’94, Becket and Max Runge

The Road Trip stop in DC gave me a chance to see my son Chris, daughter-in-law Lisa, and their two youngest Max and Becket.  As with any busy family these days, they had three different schedules going on –  Coley THOMAS, the oldest, had basketball camp and Owen was at Cub Scouts camp.

In the photo Becket found something tasty – he hung in there through the entire game – a hot and humid one!

Grunge, as you can probably tell, had a great time.


Last Trip…Last Stop

Andy, Kahlil, and Rudy with Fred Hoerl

June 24, 2013.  The guys have just finished loading and are headed off to Kahlil’s home for the evening.  Tomorrow it all ends….the “Wrap Van” will return to campus, the “wrap” will be recycled, the van will return to the dealer, and the three Amigos will sleep for 18-24 hours!

They were fun to see on the road – making new friends at every stop.  The van goes into history – it might be the most photographed Wabash vehicle.

Many thanks to the guys and Mike Warren ’93 for putting the trip together.  The feedback at every stop, while I was on the trip, was the same – “this is a cool idea!”

If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying

Goodrich Hall Renovation

There’s a reason the Grunge, an old guy by every definition under the sun at the age of 63.85, still works out and still lifts.

That’s because the Grunge believes that there’s only two ways to approach living.  Define it or let it define you.  If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Same with our Wabash.  If we don’t take Wabash’s future seriously, and we don’t invest in it, Wabash will die.  Goodrich Hall is a good example.  Goodrich needed to be updated.  Options were to do nothing, to choose life support, or to invest in Goodrich.  Wabash picked life, growth, strength.  Same old Goodrich exterior…new heart, lungs, and all the other good stuff.  We invested in Goodrich.

As the fiscal year draws to a close, the simple question is this – are you invested?

That’s a “Yes” or “No” question – you don’t need a bluebook for this one.  If you take Wabash’s future seriously, you’ll invest.  Easiest way?  Right here.


So Long Road Trip Van

The Road Trip Van Is On It’s Fini Flight

The current 2013 Road Trip will be the final voyage for the Road Trip Van – her third Road Trip.  Her service includes over 15 away game tailgates and numerous other trips.

The van has been a real crowd pleaser on these trips – alumni love the way it looks.  The most photographed part has been the football scoreboard on the back window.  It might be a photo of a loop-sided victory over a fierce rival!

Not everyone fell in love with the van, however.  One staff member, we’ve heard, has refused to even drive it.  Oh well…

When she returns next week, her “warp” will come off, she’ll return to just a normal van, and she returns to the dealer.  Will she be replaced?  Probably not – budget cuts, campus opinions – you know how that all goes.  It is what it is.

Regardless of all that, the Road Trip events have been pretty popular and the van a favorite.  We’re hoping to find a way to continue that.

Road Trip 2013 – The Three Amigos

Kahlil, Andy, Rudy

The 2013 Edition of the Summer Road Trip is well underway.  Great stops in Cleveland and Pittsburgh so far.  Tonight they’ll be in Boston.

One young lady, a friend of a young alumnus, said it best: “This is neat.  I wish my school did something like this.”

Making it a fun experience has been our main organizers – Kahlil Carazo ’14, Andy Walsh ’14, and Rudy Altergott ’13.  These guys have really hit it off with every alumnus, and their guests, along the way.

Took the above shot as we were ready to board a tour boat in Pittsburgh for a cruise around the three rivers.  They really are the Three Amigos!

The Pittsburgh Skyline at Dusk


The Grunge is on the “Road Trip”

Road Trip Is On!

The Grunge, complete with the “W” hat, is on the Road Trip.  First stop was in Cleveland…well…really in Eastlake, OH to see the Single A Lake County Captains play a game.

It was a great time…with alumni from Ted Wiese ’60 to brand new grad Victor Wagner ’13.  To catch up on the log of the Road Trip, follow the Grunge here.

Will Arvin ’08 – Good Luck and Safe Travels

Will Arvin ’08 – Center right

Today is Will Arvin’s last day at Wabash…as an employee.  Make no mistake, Will will always be a Wabash man.

Will’s been “magic” – every task he’s taken on in Admissions and Advancement has turned to “gold.”  His personality generates instant friends and his work ethic instant admirers.

Will leaves our Annual Giving operation for a director’s position at the Tulane University School of Medicine.  It was one of those “you just can’t say no” offers.

We knew this would eventually happen – Will’s so good that other people are going to notice.  We just hoped it wouldn’t be soooo soon.

Safe travels Will and the absolute best of luck – we’re all cheering for you!


Road Trip Starts This Weekend

The Road Trip Van

The 2013 Edition of the Wabash Road Trip begins this weekend.  We start in Cleveland, Ohio and then press on East.  For the full lowdown, click here.

Three super young men – Rudy Altergott ’13, Andy Walsh ’14, and Kahlil Carazo ’14 – are making the trip.  Hope you’ll come out to meet them.  They arranged most of their housing through ‘Bash Bunks.

The Grunge got the “opportunity” for both Road Trip weekends…you just can’t beat a deal like that.