Big Bash – In 48 Hours…

An Old Guy's Name Tag So He Can Remember Who He Is

An Old Guy’s Name Tag So He Can Remember Who He Is

We’re less than 48 hours away.  Of course, the phones are still ringing…the last registrant was yesterday…we cut him some slack as he lives almost a mile away from the College.

“Glen” and I have been talking about the Bash…more than usual I think.  He’s a good wingman.  He sees things as they should be seen.

Now, back to the Bash…

A couple of things, plus 1, I always look forward to at the Bash.

1.  Chapel Sing.  I know, for some Chapel Sing makes their stomach turn – bad memories.  However, it’s probably the biggest rite of passage at Wabash.  Was then…is now.  The best part is everyone up there singing together.  I’ll probably miss that part the most…

2.  The Chapel.  The Chapel is a magnet – people are drawn there all weekend long.  I think the Chapel is the heart and soul of Wabash…the Chapel is where we go to make sure, absolutely sure, all is well at Wabash. Byron K., Bill Placher, Andy Ford, Vic Powell…I sense their presence in there.

3.  Spouses/partners/significant others.  Almost every reunion one of them will come up to me and say: “Now I get why he is the way he is…”

Big Bash 2014 – Hope to see a couple of you 9 here…you know who you are!


  1. I graduated in 1966. I have been to our class reunion each time called since Big Bash started. It gets better each time. All I can say to those whose year it is for their class … attend, Attend, ATTEND. If you have not yet registered, call Tom and – invoking all things Holy – beg to be let in late. (That is one of Wabash’s strengths … Wabash [and Tom … after a little lecture to you about time management] can do that.) It Will Not Be Easy … It Will Be Worth It !


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