Frank Ruvoli ’13 – In Business

Frank Ruvoli ’13 and David Woessner ’01

Frank Ruvoli was one of our Road Trippers back in the Summer of 2012.  He was great with alumni and you could just tell he was “on his way.”

Frank was one of the first Wabash students to get a SEED Grant through the Schroeder Center for Career Development.  Frank picked up a small grant to fund his idea for a new business.  Combine entrepreneurial spirit with some market savvy and that innovative drive – you have Perfect-A-Block!  Check it out!


Zach Medler ’01 To Be Featured

Opening Reception – Tippecanoe Arts Federation

The artwork of Zach Medler ’01 will be part of the Exhibition at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation beginning August 9th and running through September 13th.  Zach will create an interactive life-size diorama called “County Fair” in the west gallery.

The opening reception is Friday, August 9th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

For more information, go to

Congrats Zach!  (You can see more of Zach’s work here.)


Speaking of the Wabash Network!

Pete Schiavonne ’81 and Tim Guiden ’82 – Alaska 2013

This guest post from Tim Guiden ’82.

“I’m attaching a picture of me and Pete Schiavone ’81.  Earlier this summer Tim Jr, Pam and I were hiking Yellowstone, and coming out of the trail I heard someone react to my Wabash hat and jacket.  He introduced himself but I can’t believe I can’t remember his name.  He was in the class of ’91 or ’92 I think.  To make matters worse, I was so tired and surprised–I shouldn’t be since I once ran into two Wabash students in the middle of the Rome marathon–I didn’t think to take a photo.  His wife joked how “you guys can’t go anywhere without running into fellow Wabash guys.”

Later in our vacation we were on board a cruise ship to Alaska when an elderly lady saw me in a Wabash shirt and stopped to talk to me about what a wonderful, beautiful place Wabash is.  A friend from high school went there and she used to visit him–some things never change it seems.  Then, most surprisingly, as I had gotten off the ship in Juneau and was getting the lay of the land, I heard a voice behind me say, “Wabash College!  Pete Schiavonne, class of 1981!”  Imagine his surprise when I turned around and he said, “Tim Guiden, well I’ll be damned!”  Pete and I were fellow Phi Psis and lived together in the house for three years.  The Wabash spouse at Yellowstone was right.  We can’t go anywhere without running into each other.  At least this time I took a photo!”

Wally from the Class of 1991 or 1992, identify yourself and finish our story!

Charlie Crowley ’70 Checks In On Vacation

Charlie Crowley ’70

I am reminded of the book “Travels with Charley” by Steinbeck.  Every summer I get a travel update from alumnus Charlie Crowley ’70.  This time he checks in from the top of the Grand Teton.

“Hey Grunge,  Thought I’d pass on a couple of vacation photos.  I just returned from a family trip out west to Jackson, Wyoming.  While there I took a couple of days to climb Grand Teton, a beautiful peak.  I’m attaching a couple summit photos.  One is with appropriately colored red windbreaker.  After that photo I threw on my “CROWLEY POWER” t-shirt and grabbed my homemade Wabash flag (thank you Mary) first used on the Matterhorn summit I climbed during a Wabash alumni trip to Switzerland 30+ years ago.  I climbed the Grand before with TKE brothers Don Briggs and Phil Radtke in 1976 or ’77.  I noted the mountain has gotten steeper and higher since my first efforts.  Must be the tectonic plates movement!”

Thanks Charlie!

Reminds me that I need a lightweight Wabash flag for the next Grand Cnyon excursion.

YOUR Wabash Network at Work

Boston to Chicago to Crawfordsville to Boston

This comes from Scott Crawford, director of the Schroeder Center for Career Development (SCC).

“Two Thursday’s ago Brian Weil ’08 in Chicago called me to let me know he had a friend in Boston whose company was looking for an immediate hire – they really wanted someone to start the next Monday!  Tech start-up with exploding growth – we’re hearing this a lot lately…

I told him to get me a quick job description and we’d do a super quick résumé referral. That afternoon we posted in WabashWorks and put messages out on our and the Alumni  LinkedIn groups, in addition to emailing alumni registered in WabashWorks.  Told them to apply NOW.

Three guys responded and lo and behold, Rob Harvey ’10, from the Boston area,  accepted an offer and starts this Monday (July 22)!

Just a beautiful story about that Wabash alumni network…”



1.  Are you in WabashWorks (if not, contact SCC)?
2.  Is your resume up-to-date?
3.  Are you a member of our Linkedin Alumni Group?


That’s It – I Am Officially Ancient!

This fall Wabash will welcome back two fantastic young men – Olmy Olmstead and Fran Raycroft.  Both talented young guys – Olmy played football and Fran was a star in Biology.

Welcome back?  That’s right.

Olmy Olmstead, Class of 2004, is back as a football and track coach.

Fran Raycroft, Class of 2006, is back as a visiting instructor in Bio.

That makes the Grunge, Class of ALTA (A Long Time Ago), officially ancient.

Olmy and I have stayed in contact over the years.  He had coaching in his blood even as a student.  I’ve caught up with Olmy, and his family, at away football games on the rare occasion that his team at the time wasn’t playing.  Olmy…his parents…and his grandparents are true Wabash fans…it will be super to see a lot more of them.

Fran went from the ‘Bash to another of my favorites, the University of Notre Dame.  I caught up with him when he was a summer intern there – before he went to grad school.  I remember clearly the Biology faculty member at ND telling me he sure hoped Fran would attend grad school there.  The ultimate compliment…for Fran and Wabash.

From students as campus difference makers to guys molding  our students.  It’s great to have Olmy and Fran back on campus!

But man – am I old or what?

Wabash Ranked #7 Nationally – We Want More!

Wabash at #7

Wabash College is ranked # 7 in the Nation among Liberal Arts College and their Linkedin presence.

That places our college in with some very elite institutions.  The calculation is simple – the college’s Linkedin group total membership divided by the number of Wabash alumni on Linkedin.

Join us today…here’s the link.

(Many thanks to alumni board member Art Howe ’82 for guiding us to this report and directing us to get the alumni body pre-approved!)

Kane House Getting New Look

Kane House

Kane House – which has been about 627 different things during its tenure here – is getting a new look.

Gone are the huge shrubs that flanked the front and side porches.  With their departure, a lot of hiding places also went by the wayside.  The big tree that say just to the right of the entrance is also gone.

There is no truth to the rumor that a couple of  TKE and Beta pledges were found asleep next to the porch!

It will be ready to go by the time school starts, I’m sure.

Two Months From Yesterday!

Wabash – Hanover 2012

Two months from yesterday – September 14, 2013.  Football returns to Wabash as the Little Giants will host Hanover.

Seems like forever since we won the Monon Bell game last November – that was four Bell game victories in a row, as I recall!

New group of coaches…new group of players…new season.

Can’t wait!