Imagine What He’s Thinking

Shaking hands with a Hall of Famer

Caught this at the alumni game on Saturday.

Coach Mac Petty shakes hands with a young mn who had been out on the court practicing his jump shot.

Can you imagine what that young man was thinking?  I just shook hands with a basketball Hall of Famer!  I can’t wash this hand…ever.

This is just one aspect that makes the DIII game so special.  Touching young men’s lives…that counts!

You know, you may just see this young man back on Mac Petty flor at Chadwick Court sometime in the future.  I just wouldn’t bet against it.

Dancing with the…Sphinx

Taking the Big Stage

It’s a new semester…which means a new crop of Sphinx Club pledges.  Got a chance to see them first hand on Saturday.


The guys had a “routine” for the half time and it featured three tunes (I didn’t recognize any of them but I am old!).  While their dancing skills are in development, their timing also has the potential for improvements.

Having said all of that, they are one great group of guys!

Addrian Frederick ’10 into Hall of Fame

Addrian Frederick ’10 will be inducted into the Rensselaer High School Hall of Fame on February 4th, 2012.  That’s a mere six years after he graduated from Rensselear.

You’ll recall Addrian intercepted four passes in the Fall 2009 game against Wittenberg.  At least one of those interceptions came after Addrian had sustained an injury that would keep him out of the next couple of games.  Addrian was one tough football player and is Some Little Giant.


Nathan Klatt ’01 – Mr. National Anthem

Nathan Klatt '01 - Fiddle Player

Nathan Klatt ’01 played the National Anthem at the Colts game…and they won the first game of the season!  As you can imagine, some Indiana Ice folks saw Nathan’s magic and immediately decided to get Nathan to play the Natinal Anthem at an Ice game on January 27th – this Friday.

In the “it’s a small world” category, the game is sponsored by Ortho Indy.  President of Ortho Indy?  Frank Kolisek ’82.


You’ve Got A Good Thing Here – I Can Feel It

Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr.

Noted educator and Civil Rights leader Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr. is on campus this week as a part of our Martin Luther King, Jr.  week.  I caught a part of Dr. LaFayette’s talk in the MXIBS to a more than a standing room only crowd.  His memory is impressive and his systematic approach to change within a non-violence context was incredible.

But there was more…much more.

Dr. LaFayette and James Makubuya chat at lunch

Dr. LaFayette started by telling the students that he had taken a look around Wabash and he felt Wabash was a great place to be.  He told them Wabash is a good thing – take advantage of all this place has to offer.  In another segment he explained that he always did the research before taking on a new venture and they  (the students) would be wise to do the same.  Sage advice from a man who made a huge difference while literally making history.

Jasmine Robinson H'85

Speaking of legendary history making, Jasmine Robinson attended the luncheon/lecture and she continues to do what she has always done – help young men grow and prosper. Here she offers some advice to one of our students.



Todd Barton ’00 Keynotes 2012 HELP Session

Todd Barton '00 Speaks To Student Leaders

Wabash’s HELP – Housing and Education Leaders Partnership – is focused on giving the new student leadership on campus the tools and information necessary to prepare them for their new roles and responsibilities.

Todd Barton '00

Todd Barton ’00, Crawfordsville’s newly elected mayor, was the keynote speaker.  His message resonated with me, especially win he mentioned that to a lot of our guys this will be their second hometown.  (It’s my first and second, in a way of thinking.)

Todd made a big point about the best days of C’ville are ahead and outlined how our guys – in small ways that add up to big ways – can be a part of that.  It all ties into leadership and wanting to make a difference.  And that is what the HELP program is all about.

Another part of me thought about what a great resource a Todd Barton can be.  Non-traditional student-finished the Bash in three years-who decided he didn’t need to go far away to be a world changer.  He’s doing it right here.

Thanks Todd -for all you do for my hometown and out Alma Mater.

Wabash TV – Live Game Coverage

Brian Shelbourne at the line - cameraman at the ready!

Last night Wabash televised (over the internet) the Wabash-DePauw basketball game.  While the game itself was…ahh…forgettable, our guys did their usual great job.  The camera work was first class and the guys added the little extras that really make the difference.

The Pre-game interview

For example, the broadcasters were dressed professionally and offered pre-game commentary as well as the play by play.  (That’s Tyler Wade ’12 giving his best Kirk Herbstreit impression!)

The secrets to success

Of course, as with anything, the keys to success are the right people and the right equipment.  Our team, led by Adam Bowen and Jim Amidon ’87, delivered on all accounts.  Their broadcast team does it right and thankfully, they have the equipment that equals their skills.

I just hope they filmed a different outcome…somewhere…


Yahweh I Know You Are Near

That’s the words from a Catholic hymn I know.  Man, is that ever true.

Wabash’s Yahweh – Hall Peebles – has had that same impact on many, many Wallies.  Check out the Wabash Facebook page – It isn’t just the guys who had every class Hall offered.  It’s the students who had one, or none, who were impacted greatly by Hall as well.

I have seen a lot of people suffer with health challenges…but I have never seen anyone, anyone, face those nose-to-nose and carry on like Hall did.  There were times when it would take him several minutes to walk into Trippet Hall to get a paper – a walk of a few feet.  But to him, it was living.  “Hello Tom”, he would typically say…the same hello you’d get from a passing friend walking by.  Undaunted.

He was comfortable in his own skin…and good skin it was!

Can you just imagine the Heavenly Scarlet Inn now?

Networking Helps Our Guys

On the last weekend of the month, our alumni board will be back on campus for their Winter Meetings.  They take a break on Saturday to join other alumni in hosting a networking luncheon for our students who are members of sh’OUT.  Some of our alumni are traveling a long way to be here.

Networking and mentoring are so important for our guys.  Personal and professional – it’s sage advice that gives them a huge advantage in the real world.  Knowing there are Wabash alumni who are interested in helping a young Wally is simply priceless and what makes “this good place” so special.

Thanks in advance to everyone participating.

Wabash License Plate Big Hit

Wabash Shines Among Others

That’s a screen capture of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles web site showing our plate.  Joe Klen ’97 shared the stats for the new plate sequence and they are strong!

Overall in Indiana, specialty plate sales went up 6.5% – pretty good in this economy. Wabash plates with the new design?  Up 20%!

How did we do?
Compared to Hanover?  Almost triple the sales.
Compared to Franklin?  More than triple.
Indiana Wesleyan?  40% more.
DePauw?  Close.  Depauw had 1,514 and Wabash 1,541!!!!  (Not a typo!!!)