And They’re Off!

The Class of 1963 Brain Trust

Stopped by the Hampton Inn last night on my way home…caught the next-to-last Class of 1963 reunion committee meeting.  They were planning weekend strategy.

From left to right: Rusty Nichols, Alan Stanford, Bruce Polizotto, Chair Larry Hutchison, and Bob Kruse.  Unofficial class member Glen Livet was there so I stayed for a just a bit.

These guys have done a very good job of getting a high turnout for the reunion.  Hopefully the bad weather won’t sour the festivities.  They looked like they were off to a good start.

Gotta run!


The Calm Before The Bash

400 Big Bash Reunion Packets – Thanks to the Advancement Staff!

We’re officially in Big Bash “Silly Season”.  Our crew – Mike Warren ’93, Michele Ward, and Heather Bazzani – is super busy putting the final finishing touches on all things Big Bash.  Meanwhile several alumni – who live within 100 miles – are still in the process of signing up.  Happens every year!

Yesterday we built 400 reunion packets – if they all get used it will be the biggest Bash ever.  We’ll see.  Heck we still have 23-plus hours to go.

Please don’t sit in THAT chair

The Grunge might be getting too old for this.  He’s praying for an adrenalin boost to kick in here shortly.

Build The Package Day

How Many Do We Need?

Today is build the packages day for the Big Bash.  Two weeks ago we thought we’d build around 260 of these.  Today, we’ll build 390 of them!  Go figure.

We had 43 alumni register on the last day…then several more after the last day.

Record for a Big Bash is 389 alumni names in the book.  (If you didn’t sign the book, you weren’t here!)  Right now, we have 386 registered.  Of course, some of those won’t show. Equally true, we’ll have a few “just flew in from Outer Mongolia on a whim…”  We’ll take care of them all!

Would be cool to set the record this year – the current one was set five years ago…by the same group of classes!

Gotta get to work!


Memorial Day – Here and Gone

Roll of Honor – Civil War Plaque at Center Hall

Another Memorial Day snuck down Wabash Ave. yesterday.  It happens every year – a routine three day weekend.

Some of you probably paused for a few minutes yesterday to think about those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.  For me, the list is too long…Art, T.C., Tuna, Bernley, Nando, Paul…to name just a few.

Next fall, we”ll pause to reflect on the Civil War and Wabash men who served.  In an interesting twist, we’ll also celebrate the Wabash men, then students, who helped Professor Jim Barnes uncover the names and details of those who served.  History doesn’t exist without the report left for those who follow. (Thankfully, in those days we had not discovered the ability to change history after the fact.)

Reunion Planning with Phil, Jay, and Elvis

Sandwich with Peanut Butter, Bananas, and Bacon

On my recent trip to Texas, I met with Phil Young ’65 and Jay Patterson ’65 to talk about their 50th Reunion.  Phil lives in San Antonio and Jay in Dallas so we met “somewhere in the middle” – Waco, Texas.  One of them picked the Elite Cafe.  I was worried they wouldn’t let me in that nice of a place.

As it turns out, Elvis once ate there. Surprisingly, his favorite sandwich is still on the menu.  Yes, we just had to order one.  It turned out to be tasty, in a cholesterol sort of way.

Oh, almost forgot.  The Class of 1965, with these guys leading the charge and Allan Anderson ’65 as gift chair, will have a great reunion in 2015 – no doubt about it.


Ray LaDriere ’78 – Mr. President

Ray LaDriere with Ray LaDriere

As we were leaving the Royal Oaks Country Club (absolutely beautiful!) Ray LaDriere ’78 was filling us in on all of the construction at the Club which will be done this week.  Ray is in the know because he is the current President of the Club.

Ray’s good friend Dan Susie ’68 couldn’t let the photo op go by as Ray’s photo hangs in the entry way.

In true Liberal Arts fashion, Ray know everyone at the Club, wait staff on up, in a “we’re friends” way AND he has a handle on everything going on with the construction.


Dan Susie ’68 – Traveling In Style

Sydney and Dan Susie ’68 with their mint 1957 Chevy

Had dinner Saturday night with Sydney and Dan at the Royal Oaks Country Club. (Tell CINCGRUNGE it was Whataburger!)  We were joined by Patrick Craine ’94 and his lovely bride Karen and Ray LaDriere and his lovely daughter Megan (a Domer!)

Sydney and Dan pulled up in a fully restored 1957 Chevy Bel Air two-door.  Even the guy driving a Bentley wanted to take a closer look.

The car has just been painted, the interior fully restored – it’s beautiful!  Dan wouldn’t let me cruise Dallas on Saturday night, though!


You could eat off the engine.


Tobey Herzog H’11 – One More Time

Prof. Tobey Herzog H’11

Tobey Herzog is a great professor and a legend around here.  He’s also a class act through and through.  At Commencement he’s known as the Faculty Marshall (think faculty flight lead – he points and they follow).

Talked to Tobey after the ceremony…he has one more year as marshall before he rides into the retirement sunset.

Man, will he be missed…


Me Thinks Millikin Will Need a Bell

President Pat White Rings Out the Class of 2013

The enthusiasm and love for Wabash College and her students shines on Pat White’s face. The hand of cards Pat was dealt during his tenure was not a good one – in fact it was a tough one to play.  He didn’t fold and he didn’t walk away.  He played them as Pat would – true to himself.

I’ve talked about Pat’s legacy before – no need to fill space today.  Suffice it to say – seven years of Wabash men can count on a wingman named Pat White for the rest of their days.  He will, as all good wingmen do, stay tucked in and available.  He’ll keep their 6 clear.

Pat White Leads the Seniors Through the Arch

Millikin – get a bell, a classic one, full of tradition and stories, on rush order.

175th Commencement – In The Books

One Proud Mom

There are the usual great photos and stories on the web about Commencement.  Please read them.  Please see the two talks by Riley and Jose on You Tube.  Those will make you proud of our guys and “this Good Place.”

Mother’s Day was almost perfect.  The sun was out and Commencement was in exactly the right spot – located between the Chapel and the mall drive leading to the rest of their lives.

Two Very Special Prizes

The real beauty of this day, for me, is to look at these young men, these difference makers, and t0 celebrate their achievements while at the same time eagerly awaiting their impact.  There’s a world-changing doctor in there, there’s a researcher who will find something better, there’s a teacher who will continue the Wabash tradition of changing people’s lives, and there’s at least one Dad who has taken the road less traveled and he alone will change the world.

Charles Hintz ’13 – On his way to teach in Africa