Happy Thanksgiving!

All is quiet

It’s Tuesday of Thanksgiving week.  No problem finding a parking spot.  No Monon Bell ringing in the background.  No lines of young men headed off to class.  They are, at least most of them, all home catching up on sleep and marveling at how good their Mom’s cooking is.

We’re here.  Not a lot of downtime as we catch up on the fall to-do list and try to get ahead before the guys return for the last few weeks of the semester.

We look forward to the time when they leave then we look forward to the time when they return.  It’s a strange dynamic.

The explanation is pretty simple, this poor dumb fighter pilot thinks.

On a quiet day at Wabash when classes are in session, you can literally hear lives changing.  Oh, they may not notice it…but we do.  Yesterday’s lab discovery is today’s knowledge.  Yesterday’s solid Rhetoric presentation is today’s new standard.  Yesterday’s “A” paper is today’s least acceptable answer.

That keeps the rest of us pushing ourselves as well.  And the ever present 18-22 year old crowd somehow makes this old guy feel sorta young.

But then reality sets in and we struggle to keep up with them…and they leave…and we take a deep breath…relax a little…and of course end up saying “shouldn’t the guys be back by now?”

And then they’re back…we take a deep breath…and we strap on our running shoes and it starts all over.  We’re happy and thankful for “this good place” that changes young mens’ lives.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Under Construction with Kevin McCrea ’88

Kevin McCrea ’88 is the owner of Wabash Construction in the Boston area.  Kevin’s Philosophy and Physics degrees fit perfectly together in very high end construction.

In true fashion, following Wabash’s “It Won’t Be Easy – It Will Be Worth It”, Kevin states: “We are general contractors specializing in difficult projects that make dreams come true.”

You can check out his web site here.

Students Headed To Cuba

Next week, when the rest of our guys head home for Thanksgiving break, Professors Dan Rogers and Ethan Hollander, teamed with the Chief of Staff Jim Amidon ’87, will head to Cuba with several students for an exceptional learning experience.

You’ll be able to follow them on the Immersion Learning blog.

Sean Hildebrand – Career Game

Touchdown – One of Two On The Day

Brent Harris (legendary Sports Information Director) signals Touchdown.

Pete Nicksic (starting center on the basketball team) signals Touchdown.

Side Judge signals Touchdown.

Sean’s day was pretty good – two touchdowns and 10 receptions for 125 yards.  Bell Game Moment!



Battle For The Bell – Eder Style

The Eder House Divided

That’s Eric Eder ’08 and his lovely wife Rachel D’08.  With two little ones and Eric in training to be a Naval flight officer, they are a busy family.  Not too busy though to take in the Monon Bell game complete with the appropriate school attire.

Eric told me: “Greetings from Sunny Florida! Go Wabash, 5 in a row!”


Veterans Day Sneaks By Again

Veterans Day 2013

Tip of the flight cap to Josh Stowers ’14.  Josh is a Marine.  Not was…is.  Once a Marine, always a Marine – just ask my good friend Tom Hays ’55.  Thanks for serving Josh. 

Campus quiet today, as it always is on Veterans Day.  More important things to discuss here, as you probably have seen.

Young men learning…getting ready to go out and change the world.

A small sidebar…they can do that here in the quiet, comfortable surroundings that are Wabash because people like Ethan Olberding ’99 are making sure it stays that way.  Nothing life or death here…just homework.  That’s a good thing.  Thanks for serving Ethan.

A thanks today from me as well.  Thanks for reading this blog through all these posts.  You ten have stuck with it – I can’t imagine why.  It’s been…ahh…”interesting” to say the least.

Check Six and keep your speed up!

Last Few Days of Fall

The last few days of fall

It doesn’t seem possible.  There are only two football games remaining this regular season…but they are big ones!

The guys are back from Fall Break and grinding away at class.  Papers, tests, more tests – you know how it goes.  Many are beginning to think about that week off at Thanksgiving and the four weeks worth of sleep, fun, papers, fun, studying, etc.. they will cram into that week.

Detchon Center