A Crucial Topic – Your Credit

Rob Shook ’83

Rob Shook, who works for IBM, returned to campus yesterday to talk to our guys about one of the most important topics they will ever deal with – their own credit.  Rob’s not a credit card guy, credit service guy, credit anything guy.  Rob’s an alumnus who wanted to give our guys the right information on a complex topic in a complex world.

Rob talked credit, he talked credit scores, and he talked impacts of good…and bad…credit.  Nothing pie in the sky…everything at the right, user-friendly level.  I wish some one had done this for me…and my kids.

Rob explains the credit report

Free lunch and advice to last a lifetime…perfect in every way.  Thanks Rob!

Grand Canyon 2012

As the smoke from a scheduled burn slowly fills in the Canyon…

Several of you readers – OK, about 4 of the 9 faithful – asked if I would post some photos of the Grand Canyon trip.

Well, here are a few photos from the Grand Canyon.  Led by Dudley Burgess ’64, we had a fun time from beginning to end.  The Wabash crew this time included Dudley and sons Andy ’90 and Matt ’92.  Chris Runge ’94 was along as well.  My youngest son, Jeremy, also joined the trip.

Click here for the album.

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is a part of me (yeah, it’s the age thing) that has the urge to go to McDonalds and Pizza Hut on Thursday.  That was our family “tradition” when we were stationed in England.  London for the day – lunch at one place and dinner at the other.  A little America for the Runges.

Carol and the Grunge have now transitioned to the home crew…we’ll welcome Court and family from Pennsylvania and Chris and family from Virginia.  They won’t be “home” long, but it’s a chance to catch up and eat way too much.  (My period of eating without guilt from the Grand Canyon hike is WAY OVER!)

It’s Over Half!

Carol will tell you the Grunge is a glass-half-empty-kind-of-guy.  She’s put up with me for so long…enough of that.  However, Thanksgiving, regardless of your circumstances or your outlook, is a glass-at-least-half-full time.

It just is.

So, here’s to you, our friends.  Enjoy the time.  Give thanks for all you have…most importantly those people who call you family or friend.

And, don’t forget the Big Guy…

We Lost Atwood Smith ’34

We heard from Brian Smith ’68 today – his father passed away recently at the age of 98.

Back in 2009, Atwood’s presence for the 2009 Big Bash was monumental.  The Class of 1959, celebrating their 50th reunion, had a superb turnout with 50% of their class, 71 members, attending the reunion.

Just as Lee Corso is known to say,  Atwood Smith ’34, attending his 75th reunion that day, said “Not so fast, my friend!”  You see, the class of 1934, when Atwood signed the reunion book, tied the Class of 1959 with 50% participation.  That’s right, at that point Atwood was one of the two surviving members of the class.

We handed him the Attendance Trophy right at the Registration table.  No need to delay!

Atwood Smith – Some Little Giant!

Marc Nichols ’92 – Voice to the Voiceless

Marc Nichols ’92

Marc Nichols, Wabash ’92, is senior executive attorney for Rolls-Royce’s Defense & Aerospace sector, providing legal advice to a $2 billion dollar business.  Marc has had numerous employment experiences from large major corporations to a branch of the Federal Government, to a startup company.  A liberal arts employment resume, if you will.  Hearing him in Chapel this morning left no doubt he is a formidible attorney!

Marc challenged our guys to go out and make a difference.  It was an interesting message as the students, rightly so, are focused on getitng home, catching up on their sleep, eating Mom’s great cooking, and preparing for the final couple of weeks of the semester.

So, just as the guys get ready to return to familiarity, Marc challenged them to leave their comfort zones do something different.  Want to watch?  Great, just turn into Wabash’s You Tube feed right here.


2nd Annual Chili Throwdown a Big Success

The 2nd Annual Chili Throwdown, held the morning before the Monon Bell game, was a big success.  Chief Wabash organizers Ethan Hollander, Wally Novak, Sarah Drury, and Matt Sears, working with counterparts from DePauw, put together a fun time for all.  Taste buds were tingling I am sure as the price of admission bought the participants a taste of 10 different chilis.

At the end of the day, $651 dollars raised for the Family Crisis Shelter.

Sarah Drury, Ethan Hollander, Matt Sears, and Wally Novak

Sarah, Matt, Ethan, and Wally – great faculty members and Some Little Giants!

Some Other Monon Bell Photos

Monon Bell at the Sigma Chi House

The still handleless Monon Bell surrounded by Sigma Chi volunteer pledges.  There’s no way someone could ever make off with the Bell given this line of defense. (Thanks to John Dewart ’10 for the photo.)

A great day to ring the Bell

That’s Duane Hile ’67, Jay Fisher ’66, Marty Fisher ringing the Bell, Susan Lumpp, Duane’s brother, Mary Ann Hile, and Roger Lumpp ’66.  (Note- the hot chocolate that day was served in red cups.)  The stands behind them were empty all day long…


Fighting the Fight

Trippet Hall – November 14, 2012

There are several notions I could throw around today about this stubborn maple in front of Trippet Hall.  You could start with…ahh..well, no need to start.

There will be a point, as the temperatures continue to fall and the wind sweeps a couple of leaves away each time, when it will be bare.

But until that day, it continues to stand there offering a last reminder of fall.

OK -too gushy.  Yeah, I know.  Back to the world of alumni expectations!

For The Seniors – Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding

Senior Ryan Sosinski rings the handle-less Monon Bell at midfield

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.  Four football seasons at Wabash and four Monon Bell game victories for the Class of 2013.


The Bell stays at Wabash another year, Jake Knott remains king of the Monon Bell Stag with another stellar performance, young men continue to learn, grow, and thrive at Wabash, and the US remains the land of opportunity.

Pretty good stuff for a Monday morning!

Becket “Wally Wabash” Runge – 119th Monon Bell game

This is, admittedly with a little…no, a lot of bias, my favorite little Wally Wabash photo.  That’s grandson Becket Runge, son of Lisa and Chris Runge ’94, and he was more than ready for the 119th Bell game.  Becket and his family tuned in to the broadcast in Virginia.  Dad was the official photographer and Mom was the custom tailor.

I just need to ask about the Wally Wabash scholarship!