David Morgan, Director of Campus Services

David Morgan

David Morgan

That’s David Morgan, our director of Campus Services, playing the tuba for the Pep Band.  David is the guys who keeps Wabash running…and running well.

For David, Wabash isn’t just a job.  He”gets” it here and he’s driven to make everything run as well as absolutely possible.  As you can imaging, his life is not his own.  There’s no such thing as “8 to 5” when you have a job like his.

Like Jeremy Hartnett, he’s not a one instrument guy – in fact, I swear he has a different instrument each time I see him.  (He’s a natural on the “drums” as well!)

The beauty of all of this is the band isn’t just for pep – they’re part of the brotherhood here.  They love the rest of Wabash and enjoy “doing their thing for Wabash.”

That’s how you like to see it drawn up!