Monon Bell Game Tickets

The 120th Meeting…

Don’t even think about skipping the game just because our placekicker has outscored the Tigers so far this season.  It’s the Monon Bell game and, as you know, anything can happen.

So, be there to cheer on the Little Giants.

For more about the Monon Bell game, click here and here.

Civil War Symposium Today

Part of the Displays in the Lilly Library

This afternoon Wabash kicks off the Civil War Symposium.  We’re expecting good crowds for the afternoon sessions (for the rundown, click here).

Beth Swift has helped provide a super display in the Lilly Library – make sure you swing by there before or during the afternoon sessions.

We’re expecting a packed house tonight for the reception, dinner, and keynote presentation by alumnus Dan Crofts ’63.


Class Agents Meet President Hess

President Gregory Hess answers class agent questions

President Gregory Hess spent part of Homecoming Saturday morning speaking with class agents and answering their questions.

President Hess outlined his initial goals – he’s aiming to play offense and make Wabash THE liberal arts college for men.  He then took several minutes to answer questions posed by the class agents.

Class Agent Meeting

It was a good meeting and full of information we hope class agents will share with their classmates.

Homecoming 2013 – The Lighter Side

Homecoming 2013 is in the books.  First-ever team induction into the Athletics Hall of Fame with 400 event attendees.  Good football win.  Alumni Awards Chapel honored alumni for their contributions and named two new Honoraries.  Celebrating Leadership Luncheon thanked those who have invested in our College. A super weekend.

And…there’s a popular lighter side as well.

The legendary banner contest

There was more than a little wind at times…

And, of course, no Homecoming is complete without a …

Traditional Queen Contest

Chapel Sing Tomorrow

Just Keep Singing!

Chapel Sing is tomorrow.  I remember mine…in 1967!  Didn’t eat for three days before and…well…TMI.  Haircut was on the line back then.

Now it’s just a spray-painted “W” on an old t-shirt.  But it means every bit as much today as it did in my day…

Chapel Sing is a Rite of Passage…as I have said before.  High school grads go in…Wabash men come out the other side.  I still don’t know the chemistry involved…but it happens.

Talked to a young pledge this morning about his Chapel Sing prep haircut.  He was loving it!  He and his pledge brothers tried a bunch of different “styles”…I remarked that he still had more hair than I do.  He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to laugh or not.

Tomorrow he and his pledge class will be sporting the clean cranium look.

Mom…Dad…it’s OK.  It’s fun.  It will be a time they’ll never forget.


Homecoming Week Is Here

The Betas Are Off and Running

The Betas have started their efforts on their Homecoming float.  These two young men gave me the rundown on the design – sounds cool…if it gets done the way they have envisioned it.

What will it look like?  Have to be here…

Chapel Sing this Thursday…rite of Passage time for Freshmen…

IAWM Welcomes New Wabash Faculty

IAWM board member Brad Johnson ’71 talks with new faculty member Adriel Trott

Five members of the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men welcomed Wabash’s newest faculty members yesterday.  The reception provided an opportunity for new faculty members to meet the leadership of Wabash’s largest alumni group.

Dean of the College Gary Phillips and President Greg Hess talk with faculty members

The new faculty, to a person, mentioned how engaged Wabash students were in their studies.

New faculty member Ryan Rush introduces himself to the group