Wabash Football – Bright Future Ahead!!!

Head Football Coach Don Morel

Head Football Coach Don Morel

Even before Savannah State announced their new coach, Wabash knew exactly who they wanted to be our next head coach…Don Morel.  Coach Morel makes the move from Offensive Coordinator and sidelines leader to the boss.  You can read the web story here.

All the logic makes perfect sense…you get that.  NO need to cover ground you already understand.  Here’s the Grunge’s take.

Don knows football.  Don knows Wabash.  Even better, Don gets Wabash and our guys appreciate Don’s insights into football and life.  Don gets where football, academics, leadership training all come together…

As Aaron Selby ’06 reminded me yesterday, good friend and former AD Tom Bambrey ’68 used to say to a lot of football questions “there will be football in the fall”.

I’ll make one slight change:  There will be good, fun, successful Wabash football in the fall.

Can’t wait…see you at Albion on September 3, 2016!