Dick Glover ’65 – Lifelong Coach and Mentor

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Dick Glover ’65

Dick Glover ’65 might be one of the toughest guys every to walk the face of the earth.  If you believe fraternity brother Dan Susie ’68, he is the toughest.  Dan tells the story that his pledge class tried to throw Glover in the shower numerous times – and was never successful.  Dick Glover vs. a pledge class – no contest.  I’m surprised he didn’t pin them all!

But Dick Glover is much, much more.  Dick is a mentor, coach, teacher, big brother, and perfect wingman.  Dick’s impacted the lives of many for a number of years.  So, it’s no surprise that Dick won a Lifetime Achievement Award.

I won’t even attempt to explain the impact this man has had – you’ll just have to read about it for yourself.  Click here.

Dick Glover ’65 – Some Little Giant! 

Changing the World – One Child At A Time


Greg Castanias ’87 and his beautiful daughters


Greg and his beautiful wife Jane

On May 2, 2015, Greg Castanias ’87 was elected to the Board of Directors of the Gladney Center for Adoption in Fort Worth, Texas for a two-year term of service beginning on September 1, 2015.  Founded in 1887 as the Texas Children’s Home and Aid Society, the Gladney Center is the United States’ oldest continuously operating adoption agency.  For over 125 years, Gladney has been a pioneer and leading voice for improving the lives of children, adoptive families and birth parents in the United States and around the world. 

Greg and his wife Jane — who was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Council for Adoption in Alexandria, Virginia earlier this year — are passionate advocates for the cause of adoption for two very important reasons — their daughters Alexandra (Alex), born in 2006, and Gabriella-Anne (Ella-Anne), born in 2009, both of whom were adopted through the Gladney Center.  

Greg and Jane are leading the way…from the front and with their hearts.

NAWM Board Says “Thanks” To The Admissions/Financial Aid Team

Jim Dyer '83, Deon Miles '97, Michael Thorp '86, Tyler Wade '12, and Matt Bowers '08

NAWM board members Jim Dyer ’83, Deon Miles ’97, with new Dean Michael Thorp ’86, Tyler Wade ’12, and Matt Bowers ’08

It’s been a challenging year for our Admissions and Financial Aid team…but Wabash Always Fights and that’s what our team has done.  The results are a good incoming class  – one poised for success at Wabash.

To demonstrate that their efforts were greatly appreciated, the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men hosted a reception for the Enrollment Management team (Admissions and Financial Aid combined) on the Friday afternoon of Commencement.  Everyone, it appeared, enjoyed the time together.


Alumni Board Leadership Changes Hands

Greg Estell '85 and Rick Cavanaugh '76

Greg Estell ’85 and Rick Cavanaugh ’76

At the conclusion of the Commencement weekend meeting of the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men, outgoing president Greg Estell handed the official gavel over to new president Rick Cavanaugh ’76.  Greg will remain on the board for the next two years as he serves as past president.

Greg Estell took over in 2013 from Greg Castanias ’87.  The NAWM board was ‘on a roll” as they say.  The board had made it a mission to reach out to all Wabash alumni and gather then under a single alumni “tent.”  In concert with that effort the board strived to play a key role in supporting the college’s efforts wherever possible.  Greg Estell took on the charge of leading an action-oriented board and they continue to play the ever-more-important role of supporting and extending the college’s mission.

Well done Greg!  Best of luck Rick!



John Fischer H’70 – Life Changer

John Fischer H'70 back on campus

John Fischer H’70 back on campus

Prof. John Fischer, honorary alumnus and now holder of an Honorary Wabash Doctorate, was on campus this past weekend to receive his degree.  A few Lambda Chi leaders – Scott Eggers, Greg Estell, Ted Grossnickle, Greg Castanias, and many others – arranged a reception for John on Saturday afternoon.  The guest list hit 150 bringing alumni back from every corner of the Country.  A special thanks goes to Sarah Estell for doing a great job on everything for invitations to guest lists to logistics.

John was a teacher at Wabash for 40 years.  His subject matter expertise wasn’t so much in a subject as it was in “being”.  Being a gentleman.  Being a responsible citizen.  Being accountable.  Being trustworthy.  He also had a class called “No whining.”  You did not want to get labeled “feckless” by this man, I assure you!

John Fischer changed men for the better and those men have gone on to make our world be better.  Is there any greater purpose?

John Fischer – Some Little Giant!

Wabash Guys Changing The World

Seems like just yesterday.  Paul Wilson at commencement in 2010.

Seems like just yesterday. Paul Wilson at Commencement in 2010.

Got a nice note from Jake Ezell ’11 by way of Jill Rogers, our healthcare professionals advisor:

Turns out these guys are all getting their first choices for residency:

  • Chad Sorenson ’10 – Radiology at Ohio State
  • Paul Wilson ’10 – ENT at Baylor
  • Jake Ezell ’11 – Cleveland Clinic in Anesthesia
  • Samer Kawak ’11 – General Surgery at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit

Congratulations to all these guys!

Mark Dewart ’74 – Active in Community Service

Mark Dewart sworn in as a Lake Bluff Trustee

Mark Dewart ’74 sworn in as a Lake Bluff Trustee

Guest Post from John Dewart ’10, a proud son:

Dad was sworn in again as Lake Bluff Village trustee last night. That’s him taking the oath of office from the Village President. He was one of two trustees to retain the position for a second 4-year term. In his last four years, Dad was successful in refining Lake Bluff’s infrastructure, reshaping the budget to save revenue and protect costs in the post-recession era, ushering in a first of its kind massive Target development, and welcoming a multi-million dollar residential development. He has certainly had his hands full!
Here’s a link to his current profile site:

Guest Post – Ben Wagner ’02


Ainsley Rose Wagner, 19 months

We were getting ready for Church and the baby needed something to wear in the interim.  Thus, this Wabash man found a shirt on the top of the stack.  Ainsley Rose Wagner, who is now 19 months, said the guy on the shirt looked like a “monkey.”  A potential alias for Wally Wabash?  I’m not sure.  Better consult Amidon and company on that one.  Had to shoot you the pic and the story.  Hello to all in lovely C-Ville!!



Ben – Not sure about the monkey part but there’s no doubt she’s a beautiful young lady!

Guest Post – Tim Guiden ’82

Pam Guiden, Tim Guiden '82, and Peter Frederick H'92

Pam Guiden, Tim Guiden ’82, and Peter Frederick H’92

From Tim:  Pam and I met with Peter Frederick this past week in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  Thought you might like a photo of the reunion.  Hope all is well as the year winds down.  Peace…


Tim has a former life…similar to the Grunge.  Tim was a lawyer in the Air Force before retiring a few years ago (No, he isn’t the one who told me to take the fifth…)  He now works in Campus Ministry at Saint Mary’s Spring Academy High School  in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.


Dean Michael Thorp ’86 meets local alumni

Dr. Michael Thorp '86, Dean of Enrollment Management

Dr. Michael Thorp ’86, Dean of Enrollment Management

Dr. Michael Thorp, flanked by Wabash legends David Phillips H’83 and Aus Brooks ’61, talks with the Sugar Creek group during their weekly luncheon.  Michael had been on the job, in his words, for “4-point-5 days” at that point.

Thorp talked about the opportunities that lie ahead for Admissions and Wabash.  He’s focused on a longer term recruiting cycle, engaging high school students earlier.  Using what he calls a systems-centered approach, his team hopes to identify young men who have what it takes to be Wabash men and start introducing them to Wabash as soon as we can.

Michael was an athlete during his student days at Wabash and, it’s safe to say, is “off and running” in his new role!