Witches? Anything But…

Miriam Foster, Chris Duff, Chris Duff, and Sherry Ross

The Grunge went for a quick trick-or-treat stop today at the Deans Office.  I knew there would be some candy bars there.

Surprise!  There was candy…and more!

Miriam Foster (Associate Registrar), Pat Zorger (Administrative Assistant t0 the Registrar), Chris Duff (Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College), and Sherry Ross (Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students) were all decked out in witches gear.  They put some sunshine on an otherwise drab day.

Kip Chase ’03- Whispers From The Past

Kip Chase in Chapel

As I mentioned last week, Kip Chase ’03 gave the Chapel talk last Thursday on Tuition Free Day.  He touched on the meaning of Tuition Free Day but he really captured the nature of being a Wabash man.

Kip Chase ’03

Kip’s message focused on the generations of Wabash men, and their families and friends, who experienced This Good Place and their collective courage and grit to make sure that our Wabash continues to be a place that changes young men’s lives and in turn changes our world.  Kip was right on target -his message resonated – His title “Whispers from the Past” sprang into life.

The Grunge has been here too long – I know that.  I’ve exceeded my desired tenure by many years.  However, one thing that keeps me going is watching guys like Kip Chase and Jeremy Bird come back to campus and remind our young men that this place, this experience, is not one and done.  This place gets in your DNA…

Wabash isn’t for a few years – Wabash is 4-LIFE.


Jeremy Bird ’00 – Changing the World

Jeremy Bird ’00 Talks To Students about His Calling

“I feel purpose when I wake up in the morning…” Jeremy Bird

Jeremy Bird is a game-changing guy…ask the President of the United States.

Jeremy was a Religion major at Wabash…then on to an MDiv at Harvard…the Kennedy School of Government…”Wakeup Walmart”…National Field Director for President Obama.

But you can read all of that elsewhere…

Jeremy Bird

The Grunge attended Jeremy’s session on his Calling…part of a series we’re doing here on campus.  He traced his path back to early childhood experiences…and he eloquently explained his path forward – driven by a mixture of faith, belief in making the world a better place, and a passion for organizing people for good.  By the time you read this, hopefully his talk will be on YouTube.

Sure, Jeremy hit on Politics – mostly driven by the questions he received.  But this talk wasn’t about politics – it was career and life counseling, all rolled into one.  His high school and Wabash education set him up to explore..his off-campus study honed his skills and broadened his horizons.

Do the Grunge a favor.  Set your political beliefs – ALL of them – on the coffee table, grab a cup of Java, a couple of fingers of a single malt or Rally Point Rye, and watch the YouTube video.  You’ll be proud of Jeremy and equally proud of the key role this Good Place played in his changing the world.

Tuition Free Day – 2013

October 24, 2013- Tuition Free Day

Today is Tuition Free Day 2013…highlighted by a Chapel Talk by the Vice President of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Wabash Men, Kip Chase ’03.

What the heck is Tuition Free Day?  Tuition Free Day marks the point in our fiscal year when funding the College’s operations transitions from tuition revenue to the support and generosity of the greater Wabash family.

Up to this point, the bills have been paid by tuition funds.  Today, symbolically, those tuition dollars had been used and funding “switches” to those who have invested in Wabash.  Our young men and their families are in essence standing on the shoulders of Giants – the greater Wabash family.

It’s a day to celebrate that tremendous support – covering approximately 67% of the cost to run the college.  But it’s also a time to reflect on the fact that this level of support and more is needed to keep the College growing ever stronger.

Hope you’ll take a moment to celebrate…and also you’ll take a moment to invest in the Wabash of tomorrow.  You’ll be glad you did.

Clint O’Connor ’78 and the 3-D Pinhole Camera

Clint O’Connor ’78

Clint O’Connor works for Dell Computer.  That’s his day job.  Technical Strategist is his job title…a perfect blending of the liberal arts and the technical “stuff” in computers.

But like many of us, he has other interests and one is pinhole photography.  Not just that, but he’s also into 3-D printing…as in printing pinhole cameras!

Check it out here.

Admissions Workshop – Led by Chip Timmons ’96

Craig Green ’59 makes a point (Chip is on the right)

Chip Timmons ’96, one of our real leaders in Admissions, is conducting a series of workshops, on campus and in regional groups, providing alumni with valuable information on the admissions effort.

Chip offers a whole host of valuable tips and give attendees the latest information on the efforts of the Admissions team.  No more information here – see Chip for more!

Bill Fell ’75 offers his recruiting elevator speech – everyone should have one.

Beating The Odds

Wabash vs. Kenyon – October 19, 2013

Talk about beating the odds…
1.  the students were on fall break
2.  it had rained all morning
3.  the temperatures were in the 40s

However, it’s Wabash!

We had a good crowd at the game and plenty of tailgaters before the game.  Heck, even at halftime the party continued.

Was I REALLY surprised?  A little…but not a lot.  After all, it’s Wabash football.

I should point out that I did my part to get the sun to come out…bought a pair of Wabash gloves in the Bookstore!  Leaving Sparks the sun was out!!!



2013 Fall Is Here

Fall Has Arrived

We’re halfway through the football season – can’t believe that’s possible.  However, I had to mow last night because the grass continues to be a pest!

But today, the signs on campus are that fall is finally here…just as the guys get ready for a couple of days of at the end of the week for fall break.

Temperatures comfortable in the football gear and not short sleeve, dry-fit category.

Some green, some orange, some bright red


Ian MacDougall ’14 and Cameron Sobleski ’14

Cameron Sobleski holding and Ian MacDougall kicking

One of the fun things over the last couple of years has been watching these two guys mature and really hone their kicking skills.

Ian does the place kicking and Cameron holds for Ian and is our punter.  Two common sights this year have been the referees signalling the kick is good and opposing kick returnees running backwards as Cameron has kicked it right over their heads.

Saturday Ian drilled a 45 yard field goal (something Penn State and Michigan struggled with later that day) and Cameron’s kicks generated a “he might be the best DIII punter I have ever seen” from an experienced sideline photographer.

Even better – these two are genuine good guys.  Best friends and cheerleaders for each other.  They are superb Wabash guys on their way to do great things down the road.