Omar Just Might Be A Fighter Pilot

Omar Robinson with his new "toy"

Omar Robinson with his new “toy”

When I received the email for Omar Robinson ’60, the title simply said “Omar and Judi’s new toy.”  The toy, and the @#$%^ eating grin on Omar’s face, made me laugh out loud.  My second reaction was to forward it on to CincGrunge to get immediate approval for a new “car” loan.  Then reality set in – I have been a cowboy for too long and, as Jack Palance says, “Nobody gets to be a cowboy forever.”

Omar, as most know, is President of one of the most successful private breweries in Indianapolis, Sun King.  He and his son Clay ’97 (Owner/Brewer)  have enjoyed incredible success.  Omar, as you can see, hasn’t eased into retirement…at all.

So, what is it that put “that” grin on Omar’s face?  It’s called a Polaris Slingshot.  Here’s the web site.  Check it out…recommend some sort of drool protector.  One gem of information…this puppy is powered by a 2.4 liter engine!  Think of it as an afterburner on a Cessna 172!

Omar…you are Some Little Giant!