When You Need That Stats Help

The Top No. 9

Terry Hutchens has covered Indiana University football and basketball for 14 years for the Indy Star.  He also teaches Journalism.  He’s an expert…in writing and in IU basketball.

Bryan Hutchens '14

So, Terry compiled a list of the Top 50 players in IU history.  When it came to the statistical part – Terry had a plan.  He called on his son Bryan, a senior at Wabash majoring in Financial Math.  Byran is a member of the Phi Psi house here at Wabash.

Here’s the link to the story.  Enjoy.

(Thanks to Dean Mike Raters ’85 for sending the information.)

We Need These For The Big Bash!

A Wabash Smart Car - That's What We Need!

The Grunge visited an Notre Dame staff member to discuss some ideas.  Notre Dame has  begun more intentional programming for parents and Wabash is looking to do the same.  As I made my way across campus, I came across these two smart cars.

Don’t you think we should have…would be great for the Bash…football tailgates…trips all the way over to the baseball diamond…moving around our massive campus…

One Month From Yesterday

Coach Emeritus Rob Johnson H'77 Starts the Charlie Finch '51 Meet

In less than a month, our Cross Country team will begin the year with a tune up against our alumni.  Wabash looks ready and able to repeat as NCAC Champions.

You can see this season’s team in action on Saturday, August 25, 2012 as they participate in the Charlie Finch ’51 Classic.


It Won’t Be Long Now!

Are You Ready For Some Wabash Football?

#66…Pat Clegg, D-line.  In this shot, his presence is about to turn this play to the inside and result in a loss.  As you can see, the running back’s eyes have already spotted Pat on the move.  I talked with Pat at the 2012 Road Trip event in Downers Grove.  He’s more than ready to go for his senior season.

#42…that’s linebacker Nate Scola.  Nate injured a knee last year…but he’s ready to go now.  He’ll be a real force to contend with for our opponents.

Clegg and Scola – you’ll hear those names mentioned a lot in the coming year.

The guys show up in a little over two weeks…WAF!

Center Hall Gets New Look

The West Side of Center Hall

The hedges guarding the west side of Center Hall are gone.  We now have a new, clean look with fresh landscaping (the rain gods have not yet decided if they are going to support the effort or not.)

The new look is a clean one and my sense is that once the new landscaping look takes effect, the appearance will meet with a near 100% approval rating.

Of course, since those hedges were here for more than a year, they were firmly into the “tradition” camp so that may upset some folks.  But overall, a nice new touch to campus.

C’ville High School Reunion

Mt. Zion Elementary - A Long, Long Time Ago

Took this last Saturday night at our (CINC Grunge and Grunge) high school reunion.  This crew went to Mt. Zion Elementary before Tuttle and Crawfordsville High School.

What does this have to do with the ‘Bash and the Big Bash?  Nothing and everything.

I had no idea what to expect.  I attended our 10th and said that was all I needed for life.  But we have now attended the 40th and 45 th (I started high school when I was 7!)

This reunion reinforced something that I think everyone wonders about…status.  Our high school had the “in crowd” group, the “athletic” group, and a few others.  None of that mattered…at all.  We had good students and bad students…didn’t matter in the least.  What counts is the common bond of experience, just being there.  What counts even more?  That we have gone on to live a good life.  That in some way we have made a difference.  And that we are willing to share our experiences with others…others who shared our life decades ago.

All that pre-reunion stress and anxiety?  Over in 13 nanoseconds.


The Challenge of Excellence – Total = ?????

The Challenge of Excellence

The Challenge of Excellence was launched in the Fall of 2010.  A three-year campaign to raise $60,000,000 focused directly on strengthening the student experience at Wabash, it has resonated with the Wabash community near and far.

The results today, more than a year from the original completion date on June 30, 2013, are…well…I can’t tell you.  You can get a hint from the screen shot above…but only a hint.

If the curiosity is getting you…there is an answer.  Be among the first to know by attending the Homecoming Celebration on Friday evening, September 28, 2012.

Like being the spoiler?  No sweat.  Drop by the Dean Jon Stern’s office on September 27, 2012 with a big check and watch us jump through the hoops.  We’ll do it though, I promise you.

Kudos for the Challenge of Excellence go to President Pat White for his vision and leadership.  In addition, the “heavy lifting” by the staff was led by Dean Joe Emmick until his departure and then by our Director of Development, Alison Kothe.  We also wouldn’t be where we are without the sage advice of our Campaign Counsel, Charlie Witzleben, and the leadership of Trustees Allan Anderson and Ted Grossnickle.  Allan and Ted have served as co-chairmen of the COE.


Moisture Needed – 47933 – Any rain encouraged to apply!

The grass near Kane House

Yesterday I was in Indy for the IAWM monthly meeting.  First time I have been able to make it in months.

Right after the meeting…a nice rain shower moved through the downtown.  The iPhone reported the temperature to be 81 degrees – the high for the day was to be 99!!!

Of course, I just had to check C’ville and Lafayette as well.  Both at 99 degrees.  No rain.

The Closeup is worse!

Needless to say, the Wabash River looks Sugar Creek and Sugar Creek looks like…ahh…wet dirt.  Carol and the Grunge have changed the name of the housing area from Raineybrook to Dry Branch.

Amazingly, the football field and soccer field look fine…

Scotland…Ben Nevis..and the Crowley Boys

Ben Nevis is the tallest peak in the United Kingdom.  4,409 feet above sea level.  (Yes, the Grunge could find it on the F-111 radar!)

Charlie Crowley '70

Ben Nevis became the location of choice recently for a Crowley family get-together.  Here it is in Charlie Crowley’s (Class of 1970) own words: “Last week I was visiting with my brother Steve (’72) and his family in Scotland.  The trip was in part a rite of passage for his son, BenNevis Whitman Crowley, named after the highest point in the UK, Ben Nevis.  Four of us took the time to climb the mountain.  Of course no summit picture would be complete without a photo of the Wabash flag wife Mary made for me 30 years ago.  It’s always in the pack ready for a photo op.  The guidebook said “from the summit you can see for 175 miles.”  That must have been on one of the other days of the week.  In hindsight, visual marketing of the College is not as effective in the middle of a cloud!”

Charlie – those clouds are what the blokes call “liquid sunshine!”