Celebrating the Streak


With “game film” going on the background, the “Streakers” got caught up with each other and President Hess

It was about football…it was about getting together to celebrate the Streak…a winning streak between 1979 and 1981.  Oh, it was that…but it was a lot more than that.

It was, in typical fashion, about the guys, their families, and Wabash College.  They were joined by Coach Parrish, Coach Carlson, Coach Mark Deal, Coach Rob Johnson, Trainer Bob Burkart, and Mr. Everything Chick and Janet Clements. The band was truly back together.


Dr. Frank Kolisek ’82 introduces the President

Dr. Frank Kolisek served as the evening emcee for a program that might still be going…

They laughed, they joked, they poked good-natured fun and each other and everyone they could think of at the time.  One participant mentioned that Sunday night, safely back home, he felt like he was back at Wabash as a freshman!

The key point is that the Steak celebration was all about the reunion – get back and get together.

As one of them said – we can’t wait another 30 years to do this again.

Chapel Sing 2014 – They Leave Wabash Men

Hank and John-0436

Hank Horner ’18 with John Horner ’59

If you somehow didn’t know or understand how much Chapel Sing means, you wouldn’t need to look any further than this photo.  Freshman Hank Horner gets some last minute instructions from his grandfather, John Horner ’59.

Hank and John-0478

It Won’t Be Easy – It Will Be Worth It!

It’s weeks of practice…at times when they have papers and tests and…all of those things a college freshman has to deal with at this point in the year.  That would make it easy to say that Chapel Sing is nonsense.  That is, in my humble opinion, nonsense.  Chapel Sing is finding out a little more about who you are and finding out a lot more about the band of brothers at “This Good Place.”

After the black and red grease paint is wiped off and the hair starts to grow back (it never did for me!), they’ll stand a little taller, walk a little straighter, and know they are Wabash men.

For a few more photos, click here.


Alumni Making A Difference in Detroit


David Woessner ’01, Kenyatta Brame ’92, Jim Davlin ’85

This guest post comes from David Woessner in Detroit:

“Good afternoon. Just wanted to share some Wabash men in action. Today, Jim Davlin joined me at city hall for a meeting with the CFO of Detroit to discuss Jim’s experience with GM and how it may be relevant to Detroit’s current situation. Afterwards, we attended the MICHAuto summit where Kenyatta was a guest speaker. Picture is a group photo before lunch keynote by Jim’s colleague Mark Reuss.”

These three are leading and making a difference…

Rite of Passage Time – Class of 2018

chapel sing-8995

Chapel Sing

It’s Homecoming Week and that means one of the most important rites of passage at Wabash will take place Thursday.

The Freshman class will walk into the sing just hoping their preparation is enough to avoid getting the dreaded red “W” painted on their shirts.  Long distance thinking to them will be Thursday lunch.

On the way back to their living units though, it will begin, just begin, to sink in.  They walked to Chapel Sing a freshman – they walked away a Wabash man.

It’s one of the many changes they’ll go through at “This Good Place.”


30th Annual Bachelor Party

“Without Tradition You Just Don’t Have Tradition”
Famous Fighter Pilot


Wrigley Field Welcomes The Bachelor Party

My good friend Jim Davlin ’85 sent me a couple of photos.  Somehow Jim can always sense when I am running lower than normal on creativity. This is the executive summary…

Thirty years ago a bunch of Wabash guys got together for a bachelor party.  They had such a good time that they decided to do it again the following year..and so it went. Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs welcomed the crew back this year for the 30th.


The 30th Anniversary Crew

By all accounts, a great time was had by all.  You can bet there’s a 31st in the planning stages.

For the record, the young lady in the front row is not a graduate and was not identified.

Meet The Class Of 2036!!!


Maxwell David Nicholson ’36

Meet Max Nicholson…Wabash Class of 2036!!!

Max was born yesterday at 7:00 PM to Josh ’04 and Hollie Nicholson.  Josh reports Hollie and Max are both doing fine.  Josh isn’t doing as well – his calculator blew up as he was calculating Wabash tuition for young Max.

2036…think about that for a second.  The Class of 1986 will be back on campus…celebrating their 50th reunion!  The Class of 2011…who just left a few years ago, will be back for their 25th.  The Grunge will be…daisy fertilizer!

And so it is…but this much I hope will be the same…the life-changing education Max will get here…at This Good Place.

Footnote: Max has to be a fighter pilot…if they still have such a thing.  Max is the perfect fighter pilot name.


You’ll Love This!


Don Reed ’70 sent me this photo.  Don’s nephew (a Witt graduate he laments) teaches Computer Science at Capital University in Ohio.

Evidently, this is the second time a Capital University student has shown up in his nephew’s class wearing a “Wabash Men Lead” t-shirt.  Of course, we’re scratching our heads wondering why they aren’t here attending Computer Science class – but that’s a topic for another day!!!