Doc Keith Baird ’56

Dr. Keith Baird '56

Dr. Keith Baird ’56

This is another “Grunge Archive” photo.  Doc Baird has that flight surgeon look, for sure.

As Carol and the Grunge traveled to football games this past fall, with great friends Sherry and Gary Ross, the four of us often reflected back to past road game trips.  Almost always, the reflections included Doc Baird.  The pizza place in Wooster…the road trip to Oberlin in bad weather…the “have you seen Doc Baird?” at Wittenberg…to the “how did he ever get that motorized wheelchair in that Porsche?”…

Doc loved attending those games and I think he enjoyed the time on the road – just Doc and a Porsche (he had a choice!).  He enjoyed company for sure…just sometimes a Porsche was all the company he needed.

Often, I walk the alley the back way to the Allen Center and almost expect the red Porsche to come around the corner with Doc at the wheel wearing that “I ate the canary and loved it” smile.

Doc Baird was SOMEBODY in our Country’s space program but he never stopped being a Little Giant through and through – he never outgrew his Wabash jeans.  “This good place” was truly home.  “Goooooo…Wabash!”

This one goes home with me too.