A Different Slant On…Advise to Seniors

Yandes Hall / Detchon Center

Yandes Hall / Detchon Center

From time to time, about this time of the year, I’ve offered some “Grungy” advice to our seniors.  What follows are two thoughts.

1.  Take a campus tour…by yourself.  Don’t follow a set path or the sidewalks.  Follow your heart.  If it leads to the 50 yard line, go there.  If it leads to a lab in Hays Science Hall, go there.  If it leads you up one set of stairs in Center Hall and down another set, go there.  If it takes you to Chadwick Court, go there.  In between stops, it’s almost mandatory to stop and take it all in.  What is “all” will vary from person to person.  At my stage in life, “all” is the fresh cut of the lawn, the coolness of an April morning, and the force for good and learning you feel at “this good place.”   But it isn’t my campus tour and it is not your last campus tour.  This walk is a time out…a brief escape from the time-crunched present to ponder where you were, where you’re going, and what the impact of Wabash – people, places, things – has been on you.  You won’t need to memorize any images and signs – trust me on this.  They will remain vivid…for as long as you live.

2.  Focus on the whole…not a part of the whole.  I transferred from one high school to another last century…I did that in part because I knew my life was headed in a different direction.  But another part was a small incident that happened near the end of the school year.  In all honesty, I don’t even recall the incident…I just knew it PO’d me and I blew it way out of proportion.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Don’t let a small bad taste in your mouth, maybe a disagreement over something or with someone, cloud your view of Wabash.  You’ll find there’s no place on earth that’s perfect…even as you search for perfection.  Everything is  imperfect…it just means the world is ready for you, Wabash man of 2015, to take it another step closer to perfection.

So, as you get ready to walk across that stage in a few weeks, think back to picking up that red folder on Freshman Saturday a few years ago and fast forward to the man you are as you Commence.  Hug Mom…shake Dad’s hand, thank Coaches and Professors, and walk away knowing that the entire Wabash experience – the good and the bad – made you the world changer you are now.

Safe travels,


New Housing Update

The New Townhouse - Home for 12 Wabash men

The New Townhouse – Home for 12 Wabash men

Construction continues on the new housing.  The new townhomes will be ready, we’re told, for guys to move into as the Fall 2015 semester starts.

The townhouses have 2 suites and each suite hold 6 guys.  In the photo you can see the two exterior entrances.  Each suite will have a small living area and bed spaces on both floors.

In close proximity to the Allen Center and Sparks.

In close proximity to the Allen Center and Sparks.

This is the southernmost townhome and it’s located just across Crawford street for the main entrance to the Allen Center (next to the Hays home).

“Rogue Wabash Alumnus” – Guest photo from Jay Patterson ’65

Jay Patterson '65

Jay Patterson ’65

Dallas alumnus Jay Patterson ’65 sent me this photo over the weekend.  Jay attended the spring UT football game in Austin.  Jay described himself as a “Rogue Wabash Alum.” “Rogue alumnus” with some pull, to make it on the field!

More and more of the spring games are now being televised…people can’t get enough football.

Speaking of football, Wabash opens the season September 5, 2015 at Hamden Sydney College in Virginia.  Not that I am keeping track but that’s only 138 days away!

Yesterday Was Special In Many Ways!

Paige-2850 sm

Paige Johnson and Kevin Andrews ’10

Paige Johnson is the daughter of Kim Johnson, our director of Communications and Marketing.  Paige was following our Day of Giving, checking out the web and the videos, and told her mother that she wanted to make a gift to Wabash.

So…Paige and Kim came to our operations center and Paige presented Kevin Andrews ’10 with a very generous gift.

Paige is a great young lady and wise beyond her years.  Something about Wabash makes her believe that her investment is a good one.  I couldn’t agree more.



You Gotta Love This!

Feckless 16 Don’t be feckless! In honor of longtime chapter adviser John Fischer and his upcoming honorary doctorate from the College, several alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha are challenging alumni, family, and friends of Lambda Chi to give to either the Lambda Chi Legacy Fund or the Annual Fund. These alumni will match gifts made today in honor of Noble John dollar-for-dollar up to $6,000.


Love this!  This is the Affinity Challenge of Greg Castanias honoring a true Wabash legend, Prof. John Fischer!

It’s 4.22 – GO FOR 2!!!

Ray Jovanovich is going for 2 - in The Philippines

Ray Jovanovich ’84 is “Going for 2” – in The Philippines

Our great friend and Wabash Trustee Ray Jovanovic ’84 has kicked off 4.22 – our 2015 Day Of Giving.

That’s Ray in the Philippines with two men wearing shirts from last year’s very successful day of giving.

Ray knows the value of his Wabash education and has paid it forward with a very generous scholarship fund.

Today we think about the potential of our combined giving and also about our role in making sure Wabash is here and attainable for young men.  Here for the duration.  Maybe more than here...impacting the world for the duration.

Ray believes that…”DC Greg” believes that…”Detroit Jim” believes it…”Dallas Ray and Dan” believe it…”Chicago Art” believes that…”California Khurram” believes that, the Grunge believes that, and 99.4% of you feel exactly the same.  Please join in as we all “Got For 2”.




I Know, I Know…Every Year, I Know

Front Sign

Front Sign

I know…every year the Grunge takes several photos of the front sign about this time and laments the fact that the flowers won’t make it to Commencement.  Bummer.

Then he goes back and does the same exact thing all over again.


For the answer, DON’T ask a poor, dumb fighter pilot.  (An aviation psychologist is probably your best bet.)

But the tulips at the sign this time of year make the world surrounding them new and fresh, however fleeting.  They are a symbol of a new beginning…the perfect lead into Commencement.

That’s how it is at this “Good Place.”