You Gotta’ Love This…as long as you’re not taking the class!


Wednesday evening, after a great win over DePauw at Chadwick Court, I was putting the cameras away in the Athletics Office.  I looked over to see this textbook sitting at the desk normally occupied by one of our student workers.

I immediately flashed back to my freshman year, first semester when I stood looking at the Bio 101 book in the college Bookstore and thinking that the authors’ names looked very familiar.  Willis Johnson was the first name…  When the authors of the book are your teachers…well, it adds a little challenge.

But back to the Biochemistry book…

This book is attached to a Wabash man…this is NOT the easy road to a degree.  Those paths include Golf Appreciation, Modern dance, advanced weightlifting…you get my drift.

The Wabash man attached to this book is a serious student…Biochem is not for the faint of heart.

I have to admit a small smile crept over my face.  This is not unusual at “this good place.”