I’m In – Are You?

I’m in for the calendar year.  Actually, in again.  Just made a Christmas gift this morning to Wabash.  Used the new web site for giving (which has a lot of good info, by the way.)

The Grunge is a poor, dumb fighter pilot so don’t expect some eloquent prose about making a gift.

It’s simple.  I just invested in Wabash.

Sure, it’s the Season for giving and thinking of family and friends.  And the entire Grunge clan will be here for the Holidays.

In many ways, Wabash IS family.

  • Great Uncle Ben Myers – Class of 1916.
  • Uncle Tom Mason – Class of 1947.
  • Da’ Grunge – Class of 1971.
  • Son Chris Runge – Class of 1994.

Invest?  Yes!

When grandson Coley, Owen, Max, Becket, Karston, or JT show up, I want Wabash to be even better than I experienced.  Event better than Chris experienced.  I want the same great learning experience that we all had…but I want even more.  Better and better.

Will you join me?

On-line  –

By phone:  877-743-4545

By mail: postmark on or before Dec 31.

Wabash College
Advancement Office
P.O. Box 352
Crawfordsville, IN 47933


Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays…And Good Luck On Finals

December 16, 2013 at 7:15 AM.

I know…you’ve seen this one a few times already.  However, The Outback and Canon camera both stop at the corner of Wabash and Grant each time there’s a new snowfall and that means go get a photo.

So, as we close in on Christmas/the Holiday Season on this first day of finals, thoughts turn to: our guys and this opportunity to showcase their knowledge; their families, who are preparing for these young men to be home for the Holidays; our faculty and staff who have played a role in the education at “this good place”; alumni, family and friends everywhere, and; the young men headed this way…some day.

We all have something to be thankful for this season.  Wabash certainly is one of those things.  Little Giants says it all – Little college with Giant results.

Travel safe…smile more than usual…surprise someone with an unexpected gift…and think about the next young man who should be here.

It isn’t too soon.


Scott Cougill ’87 – Quietly Changing the World

Scott Cougill along with a full service portable audio control room

Scott Cougill is the CEO of Portable Church Industries just outside Detroit, Michigan.  The Grunge stopped by to catch up with Scott – he just moved to Michigan from sunny California – and to find out more about his work.

Portable Church is exactly what it sounds like – the company custom designs all of the equipment needed to set up a portable church.  From the portable audio control area you see above to a kids play area – complete with equipment – they provide congregations around the country with everything they need to operate.

All of the custom designed cabinets fit perfectly into the trailers Portable Church provides its customers.

All of the cabinets are custom made and designed to be stored in special trailers.

How busy are they?  Well, this week the company delivered complete setups for four Churches including ones located in Kansas City and Orlando.  In fact, Scott jumped on a plane as the Grunge left to go through the setup process with his team at one of the setup locations.

Scott’s been on the other side – setting up temporary places of worship – so he’s highly qualified to know what the congregation needs.  He’s also fit right on as CEO – rolling up his sleeves and jumping into every phase of the operation.

Surprised?  Not a chance.  Scott Cougill is Some Little Giant!



Last Week of Classes

Wabash Chapel – December 10, 2013

Took this earlier this morning – 9 degrees outside!

This week is the last week of classes – next week it’s finals and most of our young men are headed home for the Holidays.

The Monon Bell is safely tucked away in the Allen Center, the footballs and cross country shoes are in storage, and wrestling is rolling.  I guess that all means that, like it or not, another fall has slipped away and been replaced by cold weather, shorter days, term papers and tests.  Of course, that also means a return to Mom’s cooking and Grandma’s pies.

They’ll be back in a few weeks…and ready to go again.  But for right now, it’s furious activity preparing for the end of the semester.  And, of course, looming on the horizon for the seniors…a little thing called Comps.

Such is life at This Good Place.

180 Years Ago…Yesterday

Professor Eric Wetzel

Eric Wetzel is a super guy – great humanitarian, great teacher, motivator, and mentor.  He gets it.

180 years ago yesterday, Wabash held its first class.  Everything had to be different.  No world class Hays Science Hall.  No cool Wabash sweatshirts to wear to class.  Jeans had not been invented yet.  Heck, no flip-flops.

Instead some coat and tie…with a super-starched collar to bear – for students and faculty alike.  180 years…almost everything has changed.  Except one thing.

My gut tell me that young mens’ lives were changed back then…just as they are today in Eric’s class.  I sense we’ve survived and prospered because our graduates have what it takes – regardless of what the “it” needs to be.

Think critically…act responsibly…lead effectively…live humanely….timeless and priceless.



A Different Movember Look

Cody Buresh and his brother Ethan

Cody Buresh ’15 has been a mainstay on the Little Giant defense.  This year his younger brother Ethan ’17 joined him for a lot of playing minutes.

Cody got the Movem Bell look, the Mohawk and “the growth”,  for the Bell game…no doubt showing the way for his younger brother.  We’ll see next November.