Macbeth Transformation

Ball Theater – Feb 21st

The Grunge snuck into Ball Theater during a tradition time at Wally Tunes.  Some students were busy preparing the set.  Macbeth is set to open tonight…Feb 26th.

I am always amazed at the quality of our sets and, as you can see, they come together as the cast is in their final practices.

In five days the transformation will be complete.  Please, go see for yourself!  Tonight at 8:00 PM.

Peter King – Loves Indy and Fine Beers

Peter King’s piece about Johnny Manziel and the NFL is good reading – especially for someone who likes football.

Read this article…but go all the way to the end.  If you don’t do that, you’ll miss the following:

“g. Beernerdness: Two selections from a weekend of fine beer-drinking in the fine city of Indianapolis. One: Osiris Pale Ale, by Sun King Brewing of Indianapolis. A delicious and perfectly hoppy pale ale served in a tall can. That beer needs to get to New York, and fast. Two: Rail Splitter IPA, of Triton Brewing, also of Indy. (Great craft beer town by the way. I’d be hospitalized if I tried them all.) Not many IPAs give off a citrus scent, but this one does. I really liked it.”

He mentions two beers he really liked in Indy.  One by Sun King…and one by Triton.  Two fine brews – both with serious Wabash connections.  Gotta love that kind of publicity!

Wally Tunes – Unbelievably Great!

Professor James Makubuya

Wally Tunes – Our Fifth Annual Faculty-Alumni Symposium – focused on the Liberal Arts and Music.  All of the Symposia have been special in their own way – none more so than this one.

You’ll see more coverage of the Symposium on our web site – I just wanted to tell you that those who missed it missed an absolute blast.

James Makubuya, Peter Hulen, Jeff Drury, Philip Seward ’82, Gordon Bonham ’80, Eric Stark ’88…and on…and on…and on!

Allen Schulz ’87

Allen Schulz ’87 unveiled a new piece he had written for the Symposium.  His piece was written in Queens and the performers were our own Diane Norton and Kristen Strandberg.

Gordon Bonham ’80

Closing the night was Gordon Bonham ’80 whose Blues on guitar and banjo works better than any anti-anxiety medicine you can find.  You simply couldn’t listen and not decide life is good!

All of the seasons will be on You Tube – you HAVE to see them all!

Walter…with a Wally connection

Walter – A movie set in Hoosierland

Heard of Fountain Square?  Speedway?  Longs Bakery?  They all find their way into a new movie set in Indiana – WALTER.

Of course, there’s a Wally connection as well.  Our own Michael Bricker ’04 is the production designer and he’s working alongside some pretty well-known names – Comedian Jim Gaffigan and actor William H. Macy, among others.

Here’s the article.   Congratulations Michael!

Cover Story by Adam Christman ’02

Developing a Safety Checklist for Dental Implants – Adam Christman Author

Adam Christman ’02 is a Periodontist in San Antonio, TX.  Like all good Wabash men, he takes his practice seriously.  Like a lot of Wabash men, he goes a step further – he actively seeks ways to positively impact others.

In this case, Adam is one of the authors of an article that is now a cover story for the Journal of the American Dental Association.  Here’s the link to their web site.

Congratulations Adam on the publication and thanks for being a role model for the Wabash mission statement in action.

Wabash Fraternity Advisors – One of the Kind

Jon Pactor ’71 leads Fraternity Advisor Meeting

Wabash might be the only institution of its kind to have a group of alumni serving as fraternity advisors.  All the active fraternities at Wabash have members that serve on this  committee – they regularly meet to share information about their fraternities and also share problems and solutions.

Representatives of roughly half of the Wabash fraternities met in Indianapolis last night with representatives of the College’s Administration.  These included: Mike Raters ’85, Dean of students; Will Oprisko, Assoc. Dean of Students; Rich Woods, Director of Safety and Security, and; Alex Moseman ’12, Admissions Counselor.  Also attending the meeting as a fraternity advisor and alumni leader was Greg Estell ’85, president of our alumni board.

A full agenda included planning for Fraternity advisor Day onApril 6, 2014 to fraternity involvement in Honor Scholar Weekend.

Besides helping to create leaders in our fraternities, these alumni model the concept that Wabash is 4-LIFE.  Thanks for all you do for the ‘Bash!

This Good Place…and that Good Place

Montgomery County Special Olympics

At halftime of Saturday’s Wabash basketball game, very few fans left their seats.  Our fans and students cheered every play, just like they would for the Little Giants.

The roar was for the athletes playing a mini-game – our local young men and young women who compete in the Special Olympics.

It was competitive, as you can see in the photo.  But it was a model for all of us to learn.  High level of competition, effort by everyone on the court, no hurt feelings, no ball hogs, no “all O and no D”.  Simply young men and women enjoying a sport we all know and love.

It was amazing!

The Grunge had the opportunity to travel to see the #2 team in the nation play on the following day.  It was Pink Zone day. (They put me to work selling programs like I was back there in the old days!)  At half time, they had a ring of cancer survivors around the entire court and introduced an alumna who had beaten breast cancer.  Her story brought the standing “O”.  The focus was on the power of prayer and healing and working for a that Good Place.

For the weekend in basketball, the Grunge and Carol went 3-0…but long after the scores and outcomes are forgotten, the spirit of these Good Places will burn bright.




Wabash…From The Heart – Olmy Olmstead ’04

Olmy Olmstead ’04

Yesterday’s Chapel speaker was Wabash alumnus and football coach Olmy Olmstead ’04.  He was fantastic.  More on that in a moment.

All this means is the Grunge is ancient!  I recall Olmy’s previous Chapel talk.  His senior year.  It was good – so good that I told him he should give that same talk at his 10th Reunion.  Guess what?  That’s in a couple of months!!!

As has become my practice, I won’t tell you what he said – you need to dial him up on YouTube and listen to the entire thing.  The entire thing.  It was beautiful in a very simple, very personal way.  Olmy style.

At this point in the semester, his message resonated.  Loud.  Clear.  And, as we say in my business, right on target.

How do you tell if it resonates?  It’s easy…the instant standing “O”.  Not the look around “O” that has guys waiting to be PC.

No, the instant “O”.

The Instant Standing “O”

Olmy is a fine young man, from a great family – folks I am proud to say are my friends.

As with probably all coaches and speakers, it isn’t over until its over and that always means there’s a little time “in the huddle” for fine fixes.

Last minute edit