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Professor Wally Novak

I ran into Wally Novak early last Thursday morning.  He was on his way to a 8:00 AM class on the first day of the new school year.

I threw out the usual banter about an 8:00 AM class.  He said “yes” in his usual good-natured way.  I asked what the course was.  He responded “Advanced Bio-Chemistry.”

I stopped in my tracks.  Advanced Bio-Chemistry.  Wally’s excited and the Grunge is just trying to wrap his arms around exactly how tough that would be…let alone at 8:00 AM on a student’s body clock.  I wished Wally good luck and headed for the inbox.

Caught Wally at lunch – same day.  “How was class?” I asked.  He said with a broad smile: “Great!  This is going to be a great year – these guys are all super to work with.”  I said: “How many students?” “7”

Seven students.  8:00 AM.  CHEM 462.  Advanced Bio-Chemistry. A recipe for …GREATNESS!

You see, Wally is a teacher / mentor / role model / cheerleader rolled into one.  He’ll push the guys to give it their best shot and he’ll make every step of the journey – the highs and the lows – with them.  Because he cares.  And they will give it their best because, at the end foot he day, they do not want to disappoint Wally.

Wally Novak helps make Wabash “this good place”.  Even at 8:00 AM!




  1. Dear Grunge, et al– I think I speak for a number of Wallies when I say your blog needs a “Like” button. This story about Professor Wally Novak (I believe his first name is quite appropriate) is one such example. Keep up the excellent work telling the stories of Old Wabash to those of us who wish were there again right now re-experiencing it all again firsthand. Talk about firing me up!! Have a great one and thanks again. God’s peace. –BCW

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