Psst – Can you keep a secret?

Have an iPhone?  iPad?  Want a Wabash mobile app.  Well, there it is.

You haven’t heard about it because we’re testing it out in Area 51.  Elvis reports it works well and he really likes the option of selecting the full site as well.  Some being that landed at Roswell several years ago noted that “Events” is the college calendar.

Remember, you didn’t hear it first here.


IAWM Event Included Pop Quiz

Hugh Vandivier ’91 Administers the Quiz

The latest IAWM get-together was held at Barley Island in Noblesville (owner is Jeff Eaton ’85!)

Besides superb beverages, good food, and a golden opportunity to do some networking, IAWM board member Hugh Vandivier decided to include a Wabash quiz.  Hugh asked the faculty for some questions and got a lot of responses.

I “had to leave” part way through the Division I questions – at that point I was “Oh-Fur”.  No aero questions, lift over drag, or pipper placement questions…

A good time was had by all.  Lee Clark ’73 won a Bookstore gift card and the Quiz winner was Bob Riggles ’94.

WVU at #1 – DePauw is #12

The latest rankings are out.  West Virginia holds the #1 spot – they were last there in 2007.  Our friends to the south are ranked #12.  No other conference school made the Top 20.

Want to see the article?  Click here.

Wabash Day – Sept. 15 and 16.

The WABASH Day Map – As of today

WABASH Day is just around the corner.  We’re getting location and project information updated daily.  To find a project in your area, click here.  The web site also shows a google map (thanks Mike Warren’93) with project details.

Think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively and live humanely – the actions in our mission statement.  WABASH Day brings all of those to life.


And then in a blink of an eye

A member of the Class of 2016

This snapshot was taken a few years back.  I think it’s safe to say that he had “Wabash on his mind.”

Fast forward to 2012…Freshman Saturday.  This not-so-little guy is a member of the Class of 2016.

He smiled and Dad smiled last Saturday.  A lot.

That’s Brian Hayhurst ’16, son of a very proud father David Hayhurst ’83.

Keeping it all in the family.


Printed Alumni Directory

I sent myself the card!

I just finished talking to a nice young lady at PCI headquarters in Texas.  For the record, the call only took a few minutes.

I was on hold for exactly 24.6 seconds…less than a call to the doctor’s office! (And a lot less time than standing in line at the BWV!)

Please take the time to update your files with us.  You’ll have the best information for the printed directory but you’ll also be updated on on-line directory as well.  Win-win for everyone!

Ringing In The Class

President Pat White Rings In The Class Of 2016

The problem with being a fighter pilot temporarily transplanted into Academia is often trying to describe things.  For example, Chapel Sing or yesterday’s Ringing In ceremony.  If I were with my friends and they asked about one of those, I have a two word code I could use and they would completely understand.  Adding one extra code would make it world class special.  (Sorry – can’t share – those codes are “classified”.)

So, this poor dumb fighter pilot is left trying to describe the indescribable – another Ringing In Ceremony.  Let me put it this way.  Goose bumps…few dry eyes…a life changing moment….and I am just talking parents.  Take a look at the faces of the parents in the photo album…that will tell you.

Another great Ringing In Ceremony and another great year ahead of us!

For a few more photos from the cheap seats, click here.


A New Senior Bench Tradition?

The Senior Bench

Mike Myers married Maggie Myers in the Wabash Chapel earlier this month.  Not quite sure when the painting was done but the next week found the bench had been painted to celebrate the happy day.

Heck, they even autographed it!

Could be a brand new tradition here.  My sense is the paint job’s days are numbered – after all Saturday is Freshman Saturday and it all starts again…