New Zealand Anyone?

New Zealand

New Zealand.  When I was a student here, New Zealand sounded much better as a destination than South Vietnam…nothing against Vietnam mind you.

In those days, the odds were greatly stacked in favor of an “immersion trip” or “Study abroad” to the latter…not the former.  As a matter of fact, the Grunge did take one of those “trips”… and yes, it was a life changing experience.

Right now, John Decker ’14 is on a semester abroad in New Zealand.  I could tell you about it – but it’s much better coming from John himself.  Here’s his blog.  Leave a comment and encourage him to keep telling the story of his travels.

Want to know a little more?  Check out more of the study abroad blogs right here.  These are opportunities that create world-savvy critical thinkers, effective leaders, and responsible citizens who live a humane lifestyle.


Safe Travels Clint – You’re Some Little Giant!

Clint Gasaway ’86

Wabash’s long time director of Financial Aid, Clint Gasaway ’86, said his farewells earlier this week.  He’s leaving snowy Indiana for the warmer confines of Claremont McKenna College in California.  You can read the story and see the photos here.

Clint’s been a difference maker here – starting in Admissions and then making the transition to helping every Wabash family in Financial Aid.  It isn’t easy, let me tell you.  A lot of need and a smaller chunk of aid.

In my very short tenure in Admissions, I talked to Clint several times about different potential students.  He got it.  He understood.  Clint has a daughter, a rising senior and a great young lady, who is a star basketball player on DePauw’s National Championship team.  He KNOWS what college families face.

He was always helpful – even when there wasn’t any help to give.  He approached it just like any Wabash guy would – ALWAYS seeking the best possible outcome.

Our loss is CMC’s gain.  Safe travels, my friend.

Jim Roper ’68 and Spring Baseball

Josh Roper, Outlaws first baseman, makes the play at first

Jim Roper ’68, lovely bride Liz, and the crew made the trip to a warmer climate for some spring ball.

The Outlaws are a traveling team and Jim sees real potential to grow into an elite group.  They also took in a Rockies spring training game while in AZ.  At one point in the game, they showed a split scoreboard weather report – 74 and sunny in AZ and snowing and 22 degrees at Coors Field!

Liz and Jim Roper with the boys.

Here’s Jim and family at Barringer Crater.  No, it was not formed by errant bombs from any F-111s.  Jim and I may have flown by there, though, a time or seven.



The Storm of Palm Sunday – SNOW!

Down the lane

So, it’s Palm Sunday.  I recall serious tornadoes years ago on Palm Sunday.  Any thunder today would have had to be a thundersnow.  (Yes, I have seen those as well.)

Tough dining

Those sunflower seeds must taste pretty good – this cardinal “weathered” the storm for dinner.  Glad I filled the feeders yesterday when it was sunny and almost 50!!!

We’ll see if Wabash is “on” tomorrow…last time I drove in to find the college closed!!!

BTW: CINC-Grunge is recovering nicely…thanks to all who have asked…

Greg Shaheen H’88 – March Madness Expert

Tuned into ESPN this weekend – I’ve been watching the “last” Big East Championship…this is the best time of the year to watch college basketball in my opinion.

Greg Shaheen H’88

ESPN is now clearly focusing on “the” bracket and their pick to talk with authority on the entire bracket thing was our Greg Shaheen.  Greg was a true force in elevating the NCAA tournament while at the NCAA and he knows this process.

Greg’s an honorary alumnus who has been deeply involved with our summer program OLAB and Admissions.  An NCAA expert?  Absolutely!  A true Little Giant?  Ditto!


Spring Break Means Little Giant Baseball

Headed for home!

Spring break means the Little Giant baseball team is traveling south in search of good weather and baseball.  They are coming off a doubleheader win against Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA on Monday and tomorrow take on the LaGrange College.

You can catch the action even though the team is out of the area.  Just click here for the schedule and to find the best way to watch/listen to your Little Giants.

Let’s just hope Coach Stevens bottles up some of that good weather for the games coming up this weekend in Crawfordsville, especially the dedication of Goodrich Ball Park on Saturday, March 16, 2013.


Wabash Takes Them Seriously

Trustee Jim Kilbane ’84 talks to the guys

Three Wabash students – JJ. Peller ’13, Carl Rivera ’13, and David Chew ’14 attended the reception at the Topaz Cafe in Chicago.  Before the event, they spent well over an hour talking with Jim Kilbane ’84 and one of his business partners about starting a sports bar in Crawsfordsville.

Now, pause and think that through.

That’s three college “guys” talking serious business with two owners of a very successful Chicago business.  How many places does that happen?  Not many.

But Jim Kilbane and his partner were serious about helping our guys.  Wabash takes young men seriously, as President Pat White likes to say.  Our alumni take them seriously as well.

Jane and Greg Castanias – Some Little Giants

Jane Castanias, President Pat White, Greg Castanias ’87

Last Friday evening, the National Capital Association of Wabash Men welcomed Chris and Pat White to Washington, DC to say “Thanks!”  The event was hosted by Jane and Greg at their beautiful Oakton, VA home.  When I say hosted, I mean all we had to do is show up!

Greg is currently serving as the President of the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men.  He’s been the most active and engaged president during my tenure at the college.  He’s traveled back to campus for many events not associated with formal board meetings and made other events around the country to demonstrate the on-going high level of engagement of the NAWM.  All of this is in addition to serving as a full time partner of Jones Day and teaching each week at the IU Law School.  His most important role – husband  and father to two gorgeous young ladies – he does superbly.

Jane has been truly exceptional as well.  She’s hosted numerous Wabash events and heard the same stories over and over, I’ll bet.  Her daughters always participate and they are simply stunning.  The GaBunge in me enjoys the time with them and watching them grow up – probably too quickly.

The Castanias Leading Ladies

Greg’s last meeting is this coming May.  I hope, in the days, weeks, and months that follow, he’ll get a chance to take a step back and get a few deep breathes as well.  He’s more than earned some serious recharge time.

To my friends Jane and Greg Castanias – many, many thanks!