Brother Jed – A Lunchtime Class

I think that's Brother Jed

I think that’s Brother Jed checking his iPhone

Brother Jed, with a following of about four people, stopped by campus yesterday…the message was “Repent or Perish.”


Brother Jed was accompanied by a young man who seemed to be the prime message deliverer.  I didn’t quite figure out why I deserve Hell, but I didn’t stay that long either.  You see, it’s Homecoming week and we have a lot to get done.  But, back to Brother Jed.

You can form a bazillion opinions about visits like this but…at a liberal arts college…especially The Liberal Arts College for Men…you can, and should, take a step back and calmly dissect the message and meaning.  I think the conflict might be apparent in their posters.  One says “Jesus saves from Sin and Hell.”  If you believe in God and Jesus, then I am pretty sure you believe that.  So, how do we reconcile the “You Deserve Hell” sign?  Did these five folks decide that?  If so, then there might be a little disconnect.  And there, my friends, is the fuel for a lively debate.

So, for a Monday noon, a little dose of liberal arts to go along with lunch.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled Homecoming prep.


60th Anniversary of the Wabash Class Agents

Dick Griesser and his wife talk to the President at a class agent meeting in 2008

Dick Griesser and his wife talk to the President at a class agent meeting in 2008

In a few short weeks, Homecoming will be here and the Society of Wabash Class Agents will be back on campus for their annual meeting.  This Homecoming marks the 60th Anniversary of the Society.  We’re set to welcome back class agents spanning the decades of the 1940s to the 2010s.

In between all of the logistics surrounding Homecoming, I couldn’t help but think about the contributions of some of our best class agents.  And when you think about impact, my good friend Dick Griesser ’51 is right at the top of the list.

He was sooooo proud of the Class of 1951 and their long time support of the College – they are among our most loyal classes. He treasured his classmates.  Sure, the Phi Psi bunch held a special place in his heart but that’s OK…they should.  Think about the time Dick was a student at Wabash – War, new fraternity, world changes – and you get a sense of lasting memories in a number of ways.

Dick now resides in Class Agent heaven, I am pretty sure.  I’ll bet he sees Dorman Hughes ’43 every day.

Being a class agent isn’t easy.  It’s a labor of love…for Wabash and for the class.  Dick Griesser was a standard bearer.


Great Weekend At Hampden-Sydney

Friday night get together drew over 100 Wabash fans

Friday night get-together drew over 100 Wabash fans

We started the weekend with an informal get-together at a local restaurant/bar in Farmville.  We had over 100 fans join us during the event.  The following morning’s tailgate included over 300 fans!  A great turnout.

"Flying Wallies" takes on new meaning!

“Flying Wallies” takes on new meaning!

Mason Zurek went airborne to score this touchdown.  Seems very fitting as several Wabash football alumni went together to raise enough money so the team could fly to Virginia.  Mason’s was one of five touchdowns scored that day.


Sack by Connor Karns and Ethan Buresh

Sack by Connor Karns and Ethan Buresh

The defense played a very good game allowing less than 100 yards of total offense and limiting HSC’s scoring to a field goal.


Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

Sunday’s post game events included four team members laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Here the wreath is presented to the guys.  After their visit, the team also spent some time on the National Mall before heading back to campus.

Hampden-Sydney – Here We Come!


Charley’s – See you there Friday night

Tomorrow, the Grunge and Carol head towards Virginia.  It was almost a year ago that I took the trip out there for the first time.

We’re expecting a good crowd at Charley’s on Friday night – hope we see you there.

Football and Tailgate

Football and Tailgate

It’a a natural grass field and, as you can see, there’s not much seating on the visitor’s side.  Bring lawn chairs!  For those of you attending the tailgate, it’s in the red building straight behind the visitor’s bleachers.

The VIP section of their home stands

The VIP section of their home stands

Above their general seating, there’s a nice area where the HSC folks can entertain their VIPs.


This should look familiar

This should look familiar

Their Chapel looks a lot like the one at Wabash.


Where HSC got its start.

Make sure you take a little time to look around campus.  You’ll be amazed at the similarities.

See you there – WAF!