Chadwick Court – A Special Place

Game Ball Presentation

Game Ball Presentation

This game ball presentation took place last Saturday before the Oberlin-Wabash basketball game.  This young man and young lady did the honors.  Most of the fans were on their feet.

Special Olympics-9900

It was a special moment at mid-court.

As I reviewed the photos afterwards (the usual “should have done this…shouldn’t have done that”), I was struck by the two Oberlin players in the background.  They never stopped clapping…never.

At halftime, two local Special Olympics teams played a game.  Our Sphinx Club led the cheers and the fans were into the game.

I often refer to Wabash as “this good place”, a line I took from a Bill Cook Chapel Talk, as I recall.  On this Saturday afternoon, I amended it to “this good and special place.”