GaBunge Has Been Spotted!

The Grunge morphed into GaBunge on June 27th.  By the time you read this we will have toured Chicago and be relaxing at Mackinaw Island.  Most of the Clan along.  Spoilage, I am sure, already in progress.

When I come back, I hope to be a better Grunge poster.  The 9 faithful readers hung in there…but I know days went by without any sign of life from me.  I plan to fix that…


What’s the ice cream flavor of the morning?

Work out?  Who works out?  

Geez, must have washed these shorts in hot water…

There’s no such thing as a bad picture of your kids or grandkids…

I can get ready for the Grand Canyon next week!

The Bricks of Center Hall

Center Hall

I have no idea how many bricks there are in the iconic structure of our Center Hall.  By themselves, each brick is just that – a brick.  Put together they have become a timeless memory for all who stroll by or take a walk up those creaky steps…just to hear them utter their timeless sound.

Take a brick or even a couple of bricks away.  You still had Center Hall.  Maybe not as attractive.  Maybe not as strong…but it is still there.  However, as you remove more and more bricks, the entire Hall is compromised…from every vantage point.  Sure the bricks don’t change when they are added together or taken away…the soul of Center Hall is the one that changes.

So it is with your annual support of Wabash.  You don’t need to be the one who gives a wall…a pallet of bricks…or even a couple of dozen.  No, you just need to make sure your gift is there.  In your checkbook, that $25 or $50 or $100 is exactly that – no more and no less.  Added together?  That’s when the magic of a stronger Wabash comes into play.

Are you in?  If the answer is “not yet”, please make a gift before June 30, 2012.  Your annual gift builds a stronger Wabash each and every year.  Here’s the link to on-line giving:

If you are in, great.  The Grunge thanks you…Wabash thanks you.  Now, pick up the phone and call one pledge brother/teammate/fellow independent man.  Get him in.  His brick is important as well.

Wabash will be stronger…and you can smile that “this Good Place” keeps getting better and better…

Campus Services Team – #1 in Our Hearts

Our Early Lunch

Our Campus Services Team does a great job.  They work hard all year around, but especially in the weeks leading up to Commencement and right on through the Big Bash.  At every Big Bash we get rave reviews on how great the campus looks…and these folks are the main reason.  David Morgan and his crew are pure class…and totally professional.

We have a “THANK YOU” lunch for all who helped with the Big Bash…and we have a “early” lunch for our friends who come in at “Oh Dark Thirty”.  Pizza at 9:30 AM is normal for their body clock.

And this year, we made sure we had enough sugar to keep them going…

Low in....nothing...actually!

These folks are great team members and friends!

Stephen Gould ’66 – 42 Years Of Service

President Stephen Gould

Stephen Gould ’66 spent 42 years at Lakeland College in Sheboygan, WI.  He served as the College president from 1998 to 2012…14 years.  But that’s only the last chapter.

Stephen served as an admissions director, faculty member, director of off campus and international programs, and in many other capacities.  If Lakeland needed it done, he did it.

Can you imagine how much Lakeland has changed since 1970?  Think about Wabash today…imagine those differences…then go back to Lakeland.  Gould’s fingerprints are all over Lakeland’s progress.

His assistant said in a note to us “he always speaks with fondness and high regard for Wabash.”  I’ll just bet folks at Lakeland say the same thing about this Little Giant!  Congrats on a stellar career, President Gould!


Perfect Record…31-0

That’s a very proud coach, Chris Jones ’04, standing on the left in the second row.  The team is all smiles because they just finished a perfect season…31 and 0.

But it gets better…56 straight wins…back-to-back State Champions….and more.

Congrats Coach Jones – you have indeed started a dynasty.  See the story here.

John Dimos ’85 – Dream of a Lifetime

John Dimos '85 with Todd Rungren and his band

So, you’re John Dimos (Call Sign: Lord Thunderstick) and you’re a fan of Todd Rungren.  You’re attending the first of two sold out shows in Evanston, IL.  Todd announces they do not have a drummer for the Evanston shows…

John, Lord Thunderstick,begins to think…hey, I can help them out.

Small challenges…no rehearsal and no set song list.  Really free wheeling…but GREAT FUN.  John jumps in and the rest is history!!!

Here’s Todd Rungren’s Twitter post:

Extra Cool!

Psychology Reception – Big Bash 2012

The Psychology Reception

Charlie Hoagland ’07 and his wife Aasha (r) attended the Psychology Department’s reception on Saturday afternoon of the Big Bash.  Here they chat with Professors Eric Olofson, Karen Gunther (behind Eric), and Bobbie Horton.

We have a great Psychology faculty and the study of Psychology has changed so much over the years.  It’s fun and exciting to get a chance to talk to these scientists/mentors/teachers.

For those of you wondering if Wabash will ever be able to find someone to replace Professor X…just go talk to this team.

Footnote: this reception was planned and hosted by the Psychology faculty.  The faculty in Physics held a similar one.  Our student organization ‘shOUT also hosted a get-together.   All drew alumni from the various union classes.


These Fleeting Years We Tarry Here

Earl Houck '67

Earl Houck ’67, a class agent, made the trip from Maryland to be here for the Big Bash.  I caught up to him on Sunday morning – at this particular instant he was the only alumnus on the mall.

The day was perfect…mild temperature, only a hint of wind, and bright but not too bright.

Earl was doing what I find myself doing more and more – soaking it all in.  It was just too good to pass up in a quick walk or even a stroll.  He needed to be still…49 years of Wabash kept going through his mind, I’m sure.

He saw me coming…that was too bad.  As I took the photo and departed, I hoped his thoughts weren’t interrupted.  You get to tarry here for precious little time.

Big Bash 2012 Is Now History

Terry Fewell '62 Bringing In The Shirts

Class agent and reunion chair Terry Fewell started the weekend by delivering the Class of 1962 Big Bash shirts to registration.

Center Stage - The Chapel

Sometimes, you just don’t need a caption…or to say anything.


Class of 2002

The Class of 2002, late Saturday night/early Sunday morning started at least one new Big Bash tradition – painting the bench. Heck, they even autographed it.

The artists of 2002

And as we write this one into the record books, we’re getting plenty of good feedback from a number of attendees on how we can improve the Big Bash and our performance.  Appreciate all the help, support,  and guidance.

Sawadee “2s” and “7s”.

2012 Big Bash Is Rolling!

Class of 1962

Stopped by the Class of 1962 hospitality Suite last night – the group was just starting to pick up steam.  Led by class agents Terry Fewell and Thom Feit, they seemed to be pacing themselves, at least in the very early going.

There’s a thing or two up their sleeves…stay tuned as the Big Bash of 2012 unfolds.