AJ Clark ’16 – To The House

AJ Clark-0415

AJ Clark takes it to the house

AJ Clark ’16 is as nice a young man as you’ll ever meet.  Over the past four years I’ve had a chance to talk with him on several occasions.  Great young man – he’ll be a world changer.

AJ has been a solid contributor on special teams while at Wabash.  Things change and this year AJ has been starting at linebacker..and he’s been an impact player.  He’s always around the ball and no highlight reel is complete without an AJ Clark tackle or two.

Saturday at Wooster was no different…but it was.  That’s AJ streaking down the sidelines on his way to the end zone on a pick – six.  As I watched, through the lens, as AJ tucked the ball in and took off, I said to myself: “He will not let anyone catch him.”  And he didn’t.  Different gear…absolutely.  But it was his mind and heart – clearly visible from 40 yards away – that told the story.  I almost put the camera down and started clapping.

At the end of the play, with his teammates all around him, the smile came out.

AJ Clark-0432

Touchdown AJ Clark!

AJ held on to that football for awhile.  The official didn’t run in and grab it…I think he understood what a special time it was.  For AJ…and for his team.

Housing Update 10-21


This is a view of the southernmost Townhouse (occupied) with the Hall going up right behind it.  This Hall seems to be slightly ahead of the other one to the North.  We’re hoping the new facilities will be ready for students to move in when the students return for Holiday break.


This photo shows construction on one of the Lodges.  The Lodges aren’t too much bigger than the Townhouses – they’ll hold 16 young men versus the 12 in a Townhouse.  The Lodges are connected to the Halls via a walkway.


You can see the brickwork being added to the northernmost Hall in this photo and the one below.


You can just make out the roof of the connector between the Hall and the Lodge in this photo.

You Have To Love Fall

Kane House This Morning

Kane House This Morning – The View From Our Porch

Fall has settled in at the ‘Bash.  The guys are back from Fall Break and are into the second part of the semester.  The Arboretum has a couple of “leaf mountains” in it..tempted to jump in…but senior citizens don’t do those sorts of things, right?

Wabash travels to Wooster this weekend for football while our soccer lads will host Wooster here at home.

I’ll wander by the new housing to try to give you a quick photo update…headed to a meeting in that vicinity in a few minutes.


Reflecting on a Monday Afternoon






Two Men of Wabash

Reflecting on a Monday afternoon…two great guys and two guys who are always in fashion.  On the left, the late Dick Griesser ’51.  On the right, Dudley “Doright” Burgess ’64.

Featured appearance by …the “W” pants.

Dick Griesser was cut out of the same mold as Dorman Hughes ’43.  A class agent’s class agent.  I think he knew everyone in the class and all of their family members.  The Class of 1951 gave to Wabash out of love….and maybe a little out of fear that they’d end up on the bad side of Dick’s ledger…  He was immensely proud of his class and their love and support of Wabash.

Dudley has become a very close friend.  I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon with him twice…and I am getting ready for a third.  Last year, when Dudley was out of the country, I took some family members out to the Canyon for a R2R – a rim to rim hike.  Dudley coached me through all the prep and planning.  And in true friend fashion, he made a small request.  “Grunge”, he said, “text me when you’re all safe and sound.”  It’s the second thing I did as we exited to the north rim…right after hugging my bride.  I wanted him to know..regardless of when he saw the text.

I love this picture because Dick Griesser and Dudley Burgess were/are timeless in their love of Wabash…the pants speak to a love and pride of our Alma Mater.

The smiles tell me life is good.

Dick Griesser and Dudley Burgess – Two Great Little Giants!


Fall Is Here

Trippet Hall

Trippet Hall

Fall has arrived.  Took this yesterday  – the guys are gone for Fall break.  Some of the trees on campus have changed a great deal, some none at all, and a few, like the one in the photo at right, are just beginning the process.

When the guys return, they will be a few weeks from an entire week off at Thanksgiving.  After that, they’re getting ready for finals…and then it’s the Holidays and the end of one semester and the start of a new one.

Fall is the Grunge’s favorite season.  Part of it is the coolness in the air…and my giveaway is I always say: “It feels like football season”.  Fall and football – pretty tough to beat.

Reynaldo Pacheco ’06 in New Sandra Bullock Film

Reynaldo Pacheco '06

Reynaldo Pacheco ’06

Reynaldo Pacheco ’06 is a part of the cast of Sandra Bullock’s new film, “Our Brand Is Crisis”.  The film is due to hit the silver screen at the end of this month.

Pacheco and Sandra Bullock

Pacheco and Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock plays a campaign consultant for a South American candidate.  Reynaldo becomes a critical member of the campaign as…well, you’ll just have to go see the movie.

pachecoReynaldo pursued a Master of Fine Arts at USC after Wabash and has worked with a number of Oscar winners like Bullock and Christopher Plummer.


Monon Bell – The Plot Thickens


We’ll want several of these!


Last week, DePauw defeated Wittenberg 35-30 in football.  DePauw is undefeated through their first five games.  There are still some tough games ahead for the Tigers and the Little Giants, for sure, but we could be looking at two 9-0 teams playing each other in the Monon Bell game.  For the Bell.  For the Conference Championship.  Possibly for the only NCAC post season tournament spot.

And why is the Grunge telling you all of this…to worry you?  No.  To support the Tigers?  Heck no.

Think of this as a public service announcement.  Why?  Because, as this season rolls on, tickets to the 2015 Bell Game are going to get hard to find.  When they are gone, they are gone.  Remember this game will be in Greencastle, so we’ll have a lot less seats than we have when it’s a home game.  DO NOT DELAY – contact the Bookstore and get your tickets now.

Another friendly reminder, don’t go to eBay to make up for your lack of timely decision making and buy a ticket that doesn’t have a red background.  Two problems here.  1., You’re paying too much, much more than the $20 face value.  2., More importantly…you’ll get a seat on the wrong side of the field.  Friends don’t let friends do things like that.

So, if you’re making the trip, get the tickets NOW.

If you aren’t making the trip, check this page for a Monon Bell telecast party in your neck of the woods.


Class of 2007 adds new member!

Zack Foughty, Prof. Kay Widdows, Ross Dillard

Zack Foughty, Prof. Kay Widdows, Ross Dillard

Kay Widdows was named an Honorary Alumna at Homecoming, along with Betty Allen H’57, wife of Bob Allen ’57.

Zack and Ross – both Econ majors – took some time at the Celebrating Leadership Luncheon to welcome Kay to the Class of 2007.  Kay holds the John H. Schroeder Chair in Interdisciplinary Economics and has taught over three dozen different Econ classes in her tenure here.


The Pep Band Rocks!

Pep Band 2015

Pep Band 2015

Yes, they do.  And Saturday they stuck it out…the entire game…the whole, rainy, wet, cold game.

The Grunge has heard more fans say they LOVE the fact that the Pep Band is back. The sound is getting better and better…but I am not sure that matters as much as the facts that they are there and they are playing.  President Thad Seymour has already sent in a message from Florida saying he’s thrilled.

On the musical spectrum, playing drums in the pouring rain is tough.  Playing the plastic can is even tougher.

Regardless, they putting the icing on the Homecoming game cake.


Brother Jed – A Lunchtime Class

I think that's Brother Jed

I think that’s Brother Jed checking his iPhone

Brother Jed, with a following of about four people, stopped by campus yesterday…the message was “Repent or Perish.”


Brother Jed was accompanied by a young man who seemed to be the prime message deliverer.  I didn’t quite figure out why I deserve Hell, but I didn’t stay that long either.  You see, it’s Homecoming week and we have a lot to get done.  But, back to Brother Jed.

You can form a bazillion opinions about visits like this but…at a liberal arts college…especially The Liberal Arts College for Men…you can, and should, take a step back and calmly dissect the message and meaning.  I think the conflict might be apparent in their posters.  One says “Jesus saves from Sin and Hell.”  If you believe in God and Jesus, then I am pretty sure you believe that.  So, how do we reconcile the “You Deserve Hell” sign?  Did these five folks decide that?  If so, then there might be a little disconnect.  And there, my friends, is the fuel for a lively debate.

So, for a Monday noon, a little dose of liberal arts to go along with lunch.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled Homecoming prep.


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