Monon Bell – The Plot Thickens


We’ll want several of these!


Last week, DePauw defeated Wittenberg 35-30 in football.  DePauw is undefeated through their first five games.  There are still some tough games ahead for the Tigers and the Little Giants, for sure, but we could be looking at two 9-0 teams playing each other in the Monon Bell game.  For the Bell.  For the Conference Championship.  Possibly for the only NCAC post season tournament spot.

And why is the Grunge telling you all of this…to worry you?  No.  To support the Tigers?  Heck no.

Think of this as a public service announcement.  Why?  Because, as this season rolls on, tickets to the 2015 Bell Game are going to get hard to find.  When they are gone, they are gone.  Remember this game will be in Greencastle, so we’ll have a lot less seats than we have when it’s a home game.  DO NOT DELAY – contact the Bookstore and get your tickets now.

Another friendly reminder, don’t go to eBay to make up for your lack of timely decision making and buy a ticket that doesn’t have a red background.  Two problems here.  1., You’re paying too much, much more than the $20 face value.  2., More importantly…you’ll get a seat on the wrong side of the field.  Friends don’t let friends do things like that.

So, if you’re making the trip, get the tickets NOW.

If you aren’t making the trip, check this page for a Monon Bell telecast party in your neck of the woods.