Brother Jed – A Lunchtime Class

I think that's Brother Jed

I think that’s Brother Jed checking his iPhone

Brother Jed, with a following of about four people, stopped by campus yesterday…the message was “Repent or Perish.”


Brother Jed was accompanied by a young man who seemed to be the prime message deliverer.  I didn’t quite figure out why I deserve Hell, but I didn’t stay that long either.  You see, it’s Homecoming week and we have a lot to get done.  But, back to Brother Jed.

You can form a bazillion opinions about visits like this but…at a liberal arts college…especially The Liberal Arts College for Men…you can, and should, take a step back and calmly dissect the message and meaning.  I think the conflict might be apparent in their posters.  One says “Jesus saves from Sin and Hell.”  If you believe in God and Jesus, then I am pretty sure you believe that.  So, how do we reconcile the “You Deserve Hell” sign?  Did these five folks decide that?  If so, then there might be a little disconnect.  And there, my friends, is the fuel for a lively debate.

So, for a Monday noon, a little dose of liberal arts to go along with lunch.  Now, back to our regularly scheduled Homecoming prep.