Reflecting on a Monday Afternoon






Two Men of Wabash

Reflecting on a Monday afternoon…two great guys and two guys who are always in fashion.  On the left, the late Dick Griesser ’51.  On the right, Dudley “Doright” Burgess ’64.

Featured appearance by …the “W” pants.

Dick Griesser was cut out of the same mold as Dorman Hughes ’43.  A class agent’s class agent.  I think he knew everyone in the class and all of their family members.  The Class of 1951 gave to Wabash out of love….and maybe a little out of fear that they’d end up on the bad side of Dick’s ledger…  He was immensely proud of his class and their love and support of Wabash.

Dudley has become a very close friend.  I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon with him twice…and I am getting ready for a third.  Last year, when Dudley was out of the country, I took some family members out to the Canyon for a R2R – a rim to rim hike.  Dudley coached me through all the prep and planning.  And in true friend fashion, he made a small request.  “Grunge”, he said, “text me when you’re all safe and sound.”  It’s the second thing I did as we exited to the north rim…right after hugging my bride.  I wanted him to know..regardless of when he saw the text.

I love this picture because Dick Griesser and Dudley Burgess were/are timeless in their love of Wabash…the pants speak to a love and pride of our Alma Mater.

The smiles tell me life is good.

Dick Griesser and Dudley Burgess – Two Great Little Giants!