Last Week of Classes

Wabash Chapel – December 10, 2013

Took this earlier this morning – 9 degrees outside!

This week is the last week of classes – next week it’s finals and most of our young men are headed home for the Holidays.

The Monon Bell is safely tucked away in the Allen Center, the footballs and cross country shoes are in storage, and wrestling is rolling.  I guess that all means that, like it or not, another fall has slipped away and been replaced by cold weather, shorter days, term papers and tests.  Of course, that also means a return to Mom’s cooking and Grandma’s pies.

They’ll be back in a few weeks…and ready to go again.  But for right now, it’s furious activity preparing for the end of the semester.  And, of course, looming on the horizon for the seniors…a little thing called Comps.

Such is life at This Good Place.