Scott Cougill ’87 – Quietly Changing the World

Scott Cougill along with a full service portable audio control room

Scott Cougill is the CEO of Portable Church Industries just outside Detroit, Michigan.  The Grunge stopped by to catch up with Scott – he just moved to Michigan from sunny California – and to find out more about his work.

Portable Church is exactly what it sounds like – the company custom designs all of the equipment needed to set up a portable church.  From the portable audio control area you see above to a kids play area – complete with equipment – they provide congregations around the country with everything they need to operate.

All of the custom designed cabinets fit perfectly into the trailers Portable Church provides its customers.

All of the cabinets are custom made and designed to be stored in special trailers.

How busy are they?  Well, this week the company delivered complete setups for four Churches including ones located in Kansas City and Orlando.  In fact, Scott jumped on a plane as the Grunge left to go through the setup process with his team at one of the setup locations.

Scott’s been on the other side – setting up temporary places of worship – so he’s highly qualified to know what the congregation needs.  He’s also fit right on as CEO – rolling up his sleeves and jumping into every phase of the operation.

Surprised?  Not a chance.  Scott Cougill is Some Little Giant!