180 Years Ago…Yesterday

Professor Eric Wetzel

Eric Wetzel is a super guy – great humanitarian, great teacher, motivator, and mentor.  He gets it.

180 years ago yesterday, Wabash held its first class.  Everything had to be different.  No world class Hays Science Hall.  No cool Wabash sweatshirts to wear to class.  Jeans had not been invented yet.  Heck, no flip-flops.

Instead some coat and tie…with a super-starched collar to bear – for students and faculty alike.  180 years…almost everything has changed.  Except one thing.

My gut tell me that young mens’ lives were changed back then…just as they are today in Eric’s class.  I sense we’ve survived and prospered because our graduates have what it takes – regardless of what the “it” needs to be.

Think critically…act responsibly…lead effectively…live humanely….timeless and priceless.