Jeremy Bird ’00 – Changing the World

Jeremy Bird ’00 Talks To Students about His Calling

“I feel purpose when I wake up in the morning…” Jeremy Bird

Jeremy Bird is a game-changing guy…ask the President of the United States.

Jeremy was a Religion major at Wabash…then on to an MDiv at Harvard…the Kennedy School of Government…”Wakeup Walmart”…National Field Director for President Obama.

But you can read all of that elsewhere…

Jeremy Bird

The Grunge attended Jeremy’s session on his Calling…part of a series we’re doing here on campus.  He traced his path back to early childhood experiences…and he eloquently explained his path forward – driven by a mixture of faith, belief in making the world a better place, and a passion for organizing people for good.  By the time you read this, hopefully his talk will be on YouTube.

Sure, Jeremy hit on Politics – mostly driven by the questions he received.  But this talk wasn’t about politics – it was career and life counseling, all rolled into one.  His high school and Wabash education set him up to explore..his off-campus study honed his skills and broadened his horizons.

Do the Grunge a favor.  Set your political beliefs – ALL of them – on the coffee table, grab a cup of Java, a couple of fingers of a single malt or Rally Point Rye, and watch the YouTube video.  You’ll be proud of Jeremy and equally proud of the key role this Good Place played in his changing the world.