Ian MacDougall ’14 and Cameron Sobleski ’14

Cameron Sobleski holding and Ian MacDougall kicking

One of the fun things over the last couple of years has been watching these two guys mature and really hone their kicking skills.

Ian does the place kicking and Cameron holds for Ian and is our punter.  Two common sights this year have been the referees signalling the kick is good and opposing kick returnees running backwards as Cameron has kicked it right over their heads.

Saturday Ian drilled a 45 yard field goal (something Penn State and Michigan struggled with later that day) and Cameron’s kicks generated a “he might be the best DIII punter I have ever seen” from an experienced sideline photographer.

Even better – these two are genuine good guys.  Best friends and cheerleaders for each other.  They are superb Wabash guys on their way to do great things down the road.