Kip Chase ’03- Whispers From The Past

Kip Chase in Chapel

As I mentioned last week, Kip Chase ’03 gave the Chapel talk last Thursday on Tuition Free Day.  He touched on the meaning of Tuition Free Day but he really captured the nature of being a Wabash man.

Kip Chase ’03

Kip’s message focused on the generations of Wabash men, and their families and friends, who experienced This Good Place and their collective courage and grit to make sure that our Wabash continues to be a place that changes young men’s lives and in turn changes our world.  Kip was right on target -his message resonated – His title “Whispers from the Past” sprang into life.

The Grunge has been here too long – I know that.  I’ve exceeded my desired tenure by many years.  However, one thing that keeps me going is watching guys like Kip Chase and Jeremy Bird come back to campus and remind our young men that this place, this experience, is not one and done.  This place gets in your DNA…

Wabash isn’t for a few years – Wabash is 4-LIFE.