Big Day for Class of 1969 and Our Students

Ken Crawford ’69 and Wabash President Gregory Hess

October 10, 2013.  Ken Crawford ’69, class agent acting on behalf of the Class, signs a new scholarship agreement with Wabash President Gregory Hess.

The College will begin awarding the scholarship this year while the Class of 1969 continues to invest in making the scholarship fund even larger.  A win for Wabash students and a time of pride and commitment by the men of 1969.

Also at the signing were Wabash Trustees Fred Wilson ’69 and David Pancost ’69.

Beta…’shOUT…Kappa Sig…then…

Along came the fijis

The bench has been “updated” several times in the last week…we had pink and blue by the Betas then rainbow by the members of ‘shOUT and now the classic colors of Kappa Sig.  How long will it stay that way?  By the time you read this, the bench will sport a new paint job.

How do I know?  Easy…

The guys in the picture aren’t from the Kappa Sig house, they’re fijis.  They’re “saving a place” for the pledge class for the night’s art work.  Bet the bench sports some purple today…just a guess…

Painting Blackstock White-Get Ready!


White Out Blackstock Stadium

Wabash students are leading the way again this year to paint the Wabash sidelines white at the Monon Bell game.  I don’t have any details…just know it is going to happen.

Plans right now include having the Bookstore supply the “official” white apparel for the event.  Here’s the Bookstore link – stay tuned for details.

Wherever Two, Three, or Four Gathered

Bobby Ritz ’10, Jay Patterson ’65, Mike Gregory ’70, and Jim Thomas ’73

From Mike Gregory’s report: “A damp and chilly day in Dallas-Fort Worth did not deter a small but determined band of alums from tackling a traditional target of ours:  Cheryl’s Garden of Learning.  It is located at John R. Good Elementary School in Irving.  The garden serves as an outdoor classroom where students learn about local flora and fauna.  Armed with shovels, hedge trimmers, rakes, etc., we cleaned out beds, trimmed back lantana and other plants, removed decorative rock from one bed, and various assorted tasks.  Our labors netted us 10 42-gallon trash bags full of clippings.”

W.A.B.A.S.H. Day works for groups large (Crawfordsville had nearly 100 attendees) and small – it’s all about community service.

For the reports on W.A.B.A.S.H. Day around the country, click here.

Offensive Coordinator – Don Morel

Offensive Coordinator Don Morel

Wabash football is averaging 58 points a football game through the first four games.  One of the reasons is our offensive coordinator, Don Morel (seen here warming up the receivers before the Wooster game).

Don’s in his second season and brought a wealth of experience from other programs.  For more about Coach Morel, click here.

Team colors note:  We were playing in Ohio and that scarlet and gray…coincidence???


Because Traditions Matter

The Fighting Scots Take The Field

At Wooster this past Saturday.  Good win for Wabash…Mason Zurek gained over 200 years rushing…Nate Scola tackled, sacked, and scored.  Mother Nature threw in a little lightning and more than a little rain.  All good.

Before the game we heard the report we didn’t want to hear…no Wooster band.  Wooster was on fall break.  Thankfully, the young man stayed on campus and he piped the Scots on to the field.

Now, Wooster is always fun to visit…they are always great hosts and sportsmen. Don’t get me wrong…Grunge goes there to win.

But you gotta’ love the traditions…and their pre-game is one of the best.

Justin Gardiner ’08 – Coaching Them Up!

Coach Gardiner (from the Lafayette paper)

Justin Gardiner was an excellent football player at Wabash.  He took those skills, added a   liberal arts education (history) and a lot of enthusiasm, and now he’s making a big difference as the football coach at Twin Lakes High School in Indiana.

“Enthusiasm contagious”…sounds a little like “Wabash Always Fights” to me…

Coachs like Justin aren’t just about football…they coach life…

That’s what Wabash men do…change the world!

When Art Is More Than Art…

When Isn’t Art More Than Art?

The New Sparks Center Tree

Walked to the Bookstore yesterday…picking up “regalia” for Inauguration.  (I know, the thought of the Grunge and academic regalia is enough to shut the government down…)

I came upon this tree right in front of Sparks.  Classic design with some interesting twists.

The tree’s “guts

The tree is more than a tree…its a statement by the artists in Art 126…

Wake Up Call…

Photos courtesy of an iPhone 5S…yes I recycled the 4S…Grunge

W.A.B.A.S.H. Day This Weekend

W.A.B.A.S.H. Day – October 5-6, 2013

This weekend is our annual W.A.B.A.S.H. Day weekend – October 5 and 6.  It’s a chance for the greater Wabash community to come together in the performance of community service.

You don’t have to dedicate the entire weekend – you just need to spend a few hours on Saturday or Sunday doing something good for your community.  AS byproduct of your gift will be the opportunity to meet other Wabash family and friends.  Win-win.

For more information on W.A.B.A.S.H. Day projects in your area, click here.