Charlie Crowley ’70 Checks In On Vacation

Charlie Crowley ’70

I am reminded of the book “Travels with Charley” by Steinbeck.  Every summer I get a travel update from alumnus Charlie Crowley ’70.  This time he checks in from the top of the Grand Teton.

“Hey Grunge,  Thought I’d pass on a couple of vacation photos.  I just returned from a family trip out west to Jackson, Wyoming.  While there I took a couple of days to climb Grand Teton, a beautiful peak.  I’m attaching a couple summit photos.  One is with appropriately colored red windbreaker.  After that photo I threw on my “CROWLEY POWER” t-shirt and grabbed my homemade Wabash flag (thank you Mary) first used on the Matterhorn summit I climbed during a Wabash alumni trip to Switzerland 30+ years ago.  I climbed the Grand before with TKE brothers Don Briggs and Phil Radtke in 1976 or ’77.  I noted the mountain has gotten steeper and higher since my first efforts.  Must be the tectonic plates movement!”

Thanks Charlie!

Reminds me that I need a lightweight Wabash flag for the next Grand Cnyon excursion.