That’s It – I Am Officially Ancient!

This fall Wabash will welcome back two fantastic young men – Olmy Olmstead and Fran Raycroft.  Both talented young guys – Olmy played football and Fran was a star in Biology.

Welcome back?  That’s right.

Olmy Olmstead, Class of 2004, is back as a football and track coach.

Fran Raycroft, Class of 2006, is back as a visiting instructor in Bio.

That makes the Grunge, Class of ALTA (A Long Time Ago), officially ancient.

Olmy and I have stayed in contact over the years.  He had coaching in his blood even as a student.  I’ve caught up with Olmy, and his family, at away football games on the rare occasion that his team at the time wasn’t playing.  Olmy…his parents…and his grandparents are true Wabash fans…it will be super to see a lot more of them.

Fran went from the ‘Bash to another of my favorites, the University of Notre Dame.  I caught up with him when he was a summer intern there – before he went to grad school.  I remember clearly the Biology faculty member at ND telling me he sure hoped Fran would attend grad school there.  The ultimate compliment…for Fran and Wabash.

From students as campus difference makers to guys molding  our students.  It’s great to have Olmy and Fran back on campus!

But man – am I old or what?