YOUR Wabash Network at Work

Boston to Chicago to Crawfordsville to Boston

This comes from Scott Crawford, director of the Schroeder Center for Career Development (SCC).

“Two Thursday’s ago Brian Weil ’08 in Chicago called me to let me know he had a friend in Boston whose company was looking for an immediate hire – they really wanted someone to start the next Monday!  Tech start-up with exploding growth – we’re hearing this a lot lately…

I told him to get me a quick job description and we’d do a super quick résumé referral. That afternoon we posted in WabashWorks and put messages out on our and the Alumni  LinkedIn groups, in addition to emailing alumni registered in WabashWorks.  Told them to apply NOW.

Three guys responded and lo and behold, Rob Harvey ’10, from the Boston area,  accepted an offer and starts this Monday (July 22)!

Just a beautiful story about that Wabash alumni network…”



1.  Are you in WabashWorks (if not, contact SCC)?
2.  Is your resume up-to-date?
3.  Are you a member of our Linkedin Alumni Group?