We Lost Atwood Smith ’34

We heard from Brian Smith ’68 today – his father passed away recently at the age of 98.

Back in 2009, Atwood’s presence for the 2009 Big Bash was monumental.  The Class of 1959, celebrating their 50th reunion, had a superb turnout with 50% of their class, 71 members, attending the reunion.

Just as Lee Corso is known to say,  Atwood Smith ’34, attending his 75th reunion that day, said “Not so fast, my friend!”  You see, the class of 1934, when Atwood signed the reunion book, tied the Class of 1959 with 50% participation.  That’s right, at that point Atwood was one of the two surviving members of the class.

We handed him the Attendance Trophy right at the Registration table.  No need to delay!

Atwood Smith – Some Little Giant!