Happy Thanksgiving!

There is a part of me (yeah, it’s the age thing) that has the urge to go to McDonalds and Pizza Hut on Thursday.  That was our family “tradition” when we were stationed in England.  London for the day – lunch at one place and dinner at the other.  A little America for the Runges.

Carol and the Grunge have now transitioned to the home crew…we’ll welcome Court and family from Pennsylvania and Chris and family from Virginia.  They won’t be “home” long, but it’s a chance to catch up and eat way too much.  (My period of eating without guilt from the Grand Canyon hike is WAY OVER!)

It’s Over Half!

Carol will tell you the Grunge is a glass-half-empty-kind-of-guy.  She’s put up with me for so long…enough of that.  However, Thanksgiving, regardless of your circumstances or your outlook, is a glass-at-least-half-full time.

It just is.

So, here’s to you, our friends.  Enjoy the time.  Give thanks for all you have…most importantly those people who call you family or friend.

And, don’t forget the Big Guy…