The Heist of 2012!

The Monon Bell early Friday morning – the touchup paint is still drying

That’s right sports fans…some DePauw students made an attempt on the Bell early Thursday morning. (The Bell was safe and sound at Chapel just a few minutes ago- but with a new/rebuilt handle.)

I’ll give you the basics as I know then….you can pick the “options” which best meet your storytelling needs.

Late Wed/early Thursday a group of – 3,000 or 300 or 30 or 15 – students from DePauw tried to heist the Bell.  Guarding the bell were – 30 or 15 or 3 – pledges from a fraternity (you could use TKE if you wanted to do so).

The DePauw students subdued the Wabash pledges using much greater numbers while some DePauw students tried to grab the Bell.  A slight miscalculation by the DePauw students on the Bell’s weight – no fault of their own  as it’s been a long time – meant the Bell was dropped causing damage to the handle.  By this time the alarm had sounded on campus and – 300 Spartans or guys on white horses or more pledges and Rich Woods – showed up to control the Bell and send the DePauw students on their way.

The Grunge is excited for one reason.  At least someone down South missed the Bell and wants it back.  This is the stuff rivalries are made of…

David Powell ’81 – Philmont Ranch

David Powell ’81 and son Graham

David Powell ’81 sent this photo in while I was out in the Southwest.  That’s David and son Graham this past summer at the top of Mount Baldy in the Philmont Scout Ranch.

Baldy stands at over 12,400 feet so that air is a little thin.  Looks like they had a great time.

The smiles say it all.


Getting Closer…


There was a very familiar sound this morning when I stepped out of the office.  The Monon Bell has that unique, crisp sound.

I just had to swing by the Chapel to see who had the duty.  This young man was ringing the bell and using his laptop.  I assumed the laptop had homework on it…why else take a laptop to Bell duty?

The guys at the Chapel were fired up and ready to go.  So is the Grunge!

Wabash-Grand Canyon Guest Blog – Jotipalo Bhikkhu ’88

Temple of Isis

Here’s another Wabash perspective on the Grand Canyon by Jotipalo Bhikkhu ’88:

Greetings Tom,
Just saw your blog on the recent trip!  Over Easter weekend this year,
myself and three friends spent five days in the Canyon, hiking down to
Indian Garden, then Bright Angel campground, then back up the same
route.  The day we were leaving was the first day the heat index at
Indian Garden reached 120 degrees, and the ranger informed us Summer
was official started in the Canyon.

We has an awesome time, and I hope and imagine you did as well.
Attached are two photos from the trip.  In the Temple of Isis photo,
I’m the one in the center (the one who looks really tired).

Jotipalo Bhikkhu