Marc Nichols ’92 – Voice to the Voiceless

Marc Nichols ’92

Marc Nichols, Wabash ’92, is senior executive attorney for Rolls-Royce’s Defense & Aerospace sector, providing legal advice to a $2 billion dollar business.  Marc has had numerous employment experiences from large major corporations to a branch of the Federal Government, to a startup company.  A liberal arts employment resume, if you will.  Hearing him in Chapel this morning left no doubt he is a formidible attorney!

Marc challenged our guys to go out and make a difference.  It was an interesting message as the students, rightly so, are focused on getitng home, catching up on their sleep, eating Mom’s great cooking, and preparing for the final couple of weeks of the semester.

So, just as the guys get ready to return to familiarity, Marc challenged them to leave their comfort zones do something different.  Want to watch?  Great, just turn into Wabash’s You Tube feed right here.