For A Good Cause!

Late Summer 2014 160

This photo came from Rob Reimondo, Wabash Class of 1993.   Rob said:

“This picture was taken downtown (Crawfordsville) on August 16, 2014 at the “Finish Line Fest.”  My son, Jack Reimondo (second from left) was raising money for the American Diabetes Association with his Lemon Shake-Up Booth.  Wally Wabash stopped by to support the cause.  Also pictured with Wally are Austin Manion (son of Mikel Manion, Class of 1996, far left), Patrick Scheidler, and Nathan Jent.”
These young men sure look like Wabash men, don’t they?  And, added to that, it’s a Gentlemanly thing to do!

Please note


The Grunge has picked up some additional administrative support functions recently.  These efforts will naturally take extra time and are more important than maintenance of the blog.  I’ll post when I can but there’s no way I can continue the almost daily posting level of the past.

To you faithful 10 – you know who you are – THANKS for understanding!

Wabash At Witt – Saturday, November 8, 2014

witt-2073It’s almost an annual event.  Wabash vs. Witt to decide who sits atop the NCAC going into the final week of the season and a possible playoff birth.  Both teams with an identical 7-0 record in the Conference.

I hope you’ll be in Springfield to cheer on the Little Giants. But if you can’t make it but can watch on your computer, here’s the link to the Witt broadcast.  If you’d like to get the Wabash announcers’ (radio only) take on the game, here’s the link.

I can’t wait until Saturday – WAF!


Record Year For Soccer


We (Carol, Gary Ross, Sherry Ross, and the Grunge) hadn’t had enough cold, rain, sleet, snow, etc., at Hiram so we jumped in our cars and made our way to Wooster to catch the regular season finale between Wooster and our Little Giants.

You can read the full story here.

Here’s the Grunge’s report – cold, windy, nasty, tough…and that was just the weather.  Wabash won it in the last three minutes…just as you would expect.  They never gave up, never gave in and just kept fighting.

We’re in the NCAC playoffs – that’s no doubt and this outcome didn’t change that.  But the team wanted this one…and it showed.

Wabash Always Fights!