Chapel Sing 2014 – They Leave Wabash Men

Hank and John-0436

Hank Horner ’18 with John Horner ’59

If you somehow didn’t know or understand how much Chapel Sing means, you wouldn’t need to look any further than this photo.  Freshman Hank Horner gets some last minute instructions from his grandfather, John Horner ’59.

Hank and John-0478

It Won’t Be Easy – It Will Be Worth It!

It’s weeks of practice…at times when they have papers and tests and…all of those things a college freshman has to deal with at this point in the year.  That would make it easy to say that Chapel Sing is nonsense.  That is, in my humble opinion, nonsense.  Chapel Sing is finding out a little more about who you are and finding out a lot more about the band of brothers at “This Good Place.”

After the black and red grease paint is wiped off and the hair starts to grow back (it never did for me!), they’ll stand a little taller, walk a little straighter, and know they are Wabash men.

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