Meet The Class Of 2036!!!


Maxwell David Nicholson ’36

Meet Max Nicholson…Wabash Class of 2036!!!

Max was born yesterday at 7:00 PM to Josh ’04 and Hollie Nicholson.  Josh reports Hollie and Max are both doing fine.  Josh isn’t doing as well – his calculator blew up as he was calculating Wabash tuition for young Max.

2036…think about that for a second.  The Class of 1986 will be back on campus…celebrating their 50th reunion!  The Class of 2011…who just left a few years ago, will be back for their 25th.  The Grunge will be…daisy fertilizer!

And so it is…but this much I hope will be the same…the life-changing education Max will get here…at This Good Place.

Footnote: Max has to be a fighter pilot…if they still have such a thing.  Max is the perfect fighter pilot name.